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guys Im not crazy right? that there was this gif artwork of asterion giving the mc a massage? by massage him just tapping his dick on your back i lost my folder and I can't find it anymore send help

check the nsfw in the shitposting section

Is there a community discord for minotaur hotel?


i was absolutely captivated by story, not gonna lie. And i was very pleasantly surprised that it was not just a cliche game with lots of nsfw (i installed a nsfw version), and it had a lot of tough decisions in it! absolutely 10\10 i am very glad that it was my first experience into gay visual novel games. <3


what is the difference between normal and sfw mode?

I just finished the game and looking for more content of it I found this called "sfw mode"

As far as I’ve played it (I’m only playing sfw rn) nudity has been censored and I’m assuming sex scenes will be removed in one way or another.

Aside from the game, I notice this trend using animal headed humanoid as character. Is there a coined name for this trend/ art style?


The first time I saw this game I said "it will be a boring and cliche game" but to my surprise (and luck) it was not like that and I was fascinated and delighted with it

Não é verdade? Desejo o melhor para Asterian e os outros


This game is great, but the human models are extreme cancer, pls make them better if you can, I'm loving the game a lot, and that problem makes me sad :'(


i just love P sooooooo much

Hi guys do you know how to update on Android without deleting it??


Can't wait for the next build, already missin' our precious little star, asterion! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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i just install.




I can't wait for the next build ESPECIALLY if it includes an Asterion route because he is the only one I want and he needs love.


I want Asterion route too!!

Uh so I'm in a dumb mode rn. It says "Luke can advance his route." but I dunno how. Can anybody explain

Leave Luke out of a day's activities, so he gets some free time. Then there'll be an option in the management menu to hang out with him.

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alright, thanks! Great game btw. <3

I do not know if it is just my device, but using the NSFW version on android does not work because the screen is covered by black boxes. Hope this can be fixed soon

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Me too <3

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The best way to say " feck off"  I ever seen. I like the arts just fine. 


finally a new update...


This game is amazing! The story is solid and I eagerly await for the next update for the game. Rarely I have found a visual novel where romance is not the centerpiece of it, Minotaur Hotel is about a story of healing, mending, and fostering bonds between guests. There are two guests that we have Kota and Luke with differing personalities, but they did not fall into stereotypes which is something I loved. Each guest has a story that we just started to learn and you cannot help but be intriqued in what is occurring in the background.

I downloaded the nsfw version, you click on the middle of it. In that version it gives you the option to continue with nsfw or allow a sfw patch to be over it.  It would be amazing if people take a shot at this game because it is well written. I haven't found many errors, only the grammatical one where commas are outside of the quotation, but that is it.


Thank you, your comment is very kind. Knowing you like the guests is very nice, and I hope you enjoy what we have in store for the next build!


I don't see comments on the other version, so I'll comment here. I don't see why anyone would ever be mean to the bull, he's sweet and hurt

Some people are just dicks.

This is amazing! The art, characters but most especially the plot and the detail put into the story. Can't wait for the full release ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Just curious, is sfw or nsfw an option or is this version only sfw? Since I haven't seen another version I'm curious. Sorry of this is a stupid question.


Oh, thanks. I'm definitely excited to play and see what the game is like!

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Man, this vn is amazing! I play a lot of vn on (literally whatever interest me) and this is by far one of the best, it been a while since I been so engage with a vn. The story is so intersting, every charater is unique so far, none of them I have been able to property associate with any charater tropes since they are so well develop and I love the subtle ways you convey motion like having them bob up and down to convey walking, having the character move a little to the bottom left to convey siting, (you'll be surprise how little vn try this, at least the ones I played) anyway im just trying to say, keep up the great work! Oh, and thank you so much for adding SFW mode, you have no idea how much I appreciate that.


ayy, not for me, but i'm really happy this exists for the people that need it. Minotaur Hotel is a fantastic vn and letting more people experience it is always great.


Your profile picture is too powerful.


I agree with you CureDay11, I prefer the original it seems to me all content adds to the game in a unique way.  Even so  i'm excited that  Minoh workshop created a safe mode for those who need it.