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Itch.io's 8th highest rated game, now available in Safe for Work format!

Build 0.4's release date is November 19th.

Minotaur Hotel: Safe for Work Mode is a visual novel set in a magical hotel. You will become its new manager and meet the keeper — Asterion, the minotaur from the Greek legend, sentenced by the gods to spend eternity there.

In your mandate as Master of the hotel you will be faced with many choices — treating the minotaur humanely or not, dealing with the hotel’s magical workings and entities, and managing a growing cast of fantastical employees. By sending out teams to explore the valley below the hotel you will find ancient artifacts and mementos, which will reveal more about Asterion’s past and the realm’s history.

The way you treat Asterion and manage the hotel will affect the story, leading to a replayable experience where each playthrough reacts to your play style and reveals different parts of the story. The game has over 150.000 words and it will provide you with hours of playtime.

~ Very Special Thanks ~

In particular, we would like to give our thanks to the following people:

Lina Palera, who so charitably licensed her performance of the Seikilos Epitaph under Creative Commons, Luthieros for their work in reconstructing the ancient lyre and LyreAcademy for their educational resources on the subject. Their contributions towards preserving ancient culture are an inspiration to all of us. If playing Minotaur Hotel gave you an appreciation for the sound of the lyre, please consider supporting their invaluable work.

Systemic Gaze, for graciously allowing us to use his work as cover art.Please consider following him on Twitter.


Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - PC 189 MB
Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - Android 192 MB
Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - Linux 174 MB
Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - Mac 171 MB

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Just curious, is sfw or nsfw an option or is this version only sfw? Since I haven't seen another version I'm curious. Sorry of this is a stupid question.


Oh, thanks. I'm definitely excited to play and see what the game is like!

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Man, this vn is amazing! I play a lot of vn on itch.io (literally whatever interest me) and this is by far one of the best, it been a while since I been so engage with a vn. The story is so intersting, every charater is unique so far, none of them I have been able to property associate with any charater tropes since they are so well develop and I love the subtle ways you convey motion like having them bob up and down to convey walking, having the character move a little to the bottom left to convey siting, (you'll be surprise how little vn try this, at least the ones I played) anyway im just trying to say, keep up the great work! Oh, and thank you so much for adding SFW mode, you have no idea how much I appreciate that.


ayy, not for me, but i'm really happy this exists for the people that need it. Minotaur Hotel is a fantastic vn and letting more people experience it is always great.


Your profile picture is too powerful.


I agree with you CureDay11, I prefer the original it seems to me all content adds to the game in a unique way.  Even so  i'm excited that  Minoh workshop created a safe mode for those who need it.