Build 0.4 Release

And it's here!

Build 0.4 adds approximately 35,000 words of content to Minotaur Hotel — most of it contained in what we call Chapter 13.

Now, before you proceed I want to explain why this build is "short." 35,000 words isn't exactly short, it's almost a whole novel's worth of content, but it's been almost six months since we last posted an update — in this sense it is short compared to the time it took. Why's that?

Well, originally we wanted to make Build 0.4 a very big update like Build 0.3. The content here makes up a very important moment in the story, so we wanted it all to come together to make for the best possible experience. But, you know, it's taking a while to get everything done, times are tough, we wanted to give you guys something good.

So we took Chapter 13, which should definitely work as a stand-alone update, and decided to publish it now. It originally had around 30,000 words — a little less after we removed comments and notes — but we wanted to give you guys as much content as possible so we went ahead and put two more pieces of content in there — another Hades segment and the first part of a special chapter we've been working on for a while. Overall it comes to around 35,000 words.

Without further ado, here's the changelog.


  • Adds Chapter 13, another Hades segment and a special chapter.
  • Changes the cover art — courtesy of Systemic Gaze.
  • New music tracks in some of the older chapters.
  • Small UI changes
    • Added a return button to the ledger screen.
    • The ranking screen has an indication of the build's highest possible ranking.

As you can see most of the work went into the new content. We put out 3.1 (and a 3.2 hotfix) with QoL improvements recently because we didn't know when 0.4 would come out, so if you're returning from 0.3, check that changelog out, a lot of work went into improving the user experience.


Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - PC 189 MB
Nov 19, 2020
Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - Android 192 MB
Nov 19, 2020
Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - Linux 174 MB
Nov 19, 2020
Minotaur Hotel 0.4 SFW - Mac 171 MB
Nov 19, 2020

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