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From the sickos behind  Minotaur Hotel and Killigan's Treasure comes Sex Drive, a collection of gay interactive erotica about truckers. Prepare yourself for encounters with sweaty hitchhikers, fun times in truck stops, threesomes with hardworking men, long trips wearing nothing but briefs and all other kinds of trucker-related shenanigans.

For now we're publishing the demo, containing 2 out of the 10 planned stories. This version will remain free forever, so you can check and see what you're getting yourself into, but the rest of the game will be paid.

Here's what you're getting from Sex Drive™:

  • As vanilla or kinky as your dick desires. The times of seeing your most hated turn-off and losing your erection are, hopefully, gone! Each story comes with a list of kinks you can turn turn on or off. Make it sweatier and stinkier, add more cum, make a small top fuck the fat crocodile... Hell, we even added an option to choose what kind of dick the main characters have!
  • Hide your exquisite taste from prying eyes. Are you concerned about your friends peeking at your screen and seeing a hot scalie man? Don't worry, you can turn off the illustrations and the saltless masses won't know you're an enlightened man enjoyer.
  • A banging soundtrack no matter who’s getting banged. We told Eymon to rock hard and he fucking delivered. These songs are so good you'll want to leave the game running while you're pummeling a bloke's prostate.
  • A game designed with the busy, pent-up gentleman in mind. Sometimes a man just wants to bust a nut real quick and that's what this is about. It only takes about fifteen clicks to get to the first on-screen depiction of ass-eating. We also took a step forward and designed this game to be playable with a single hand.

The Sex Drive Demo with the first two stories will always be free, but the rest of the game will be paid. If you're sold on the idea, scroll down up or down to the big red "Download now" button, but if you're curious about the pricing of the paid version, here's what we have in mind.

A friend told me that a Big Mac Combo goes for about ten bucks where he lives, and I thought that making my readers cum ten times for the price of a burger, fries and soda would be good bang for the buck. So here's the deal: for the lowly price of 9.99USD (yes, the .99 is necessary) we're giving you 10 stories about big, rough men fucking. God willing we'll get 10 good jerk off sessions out of you. You won't find a more honest hamburger/sex worker/food analogy anywhere else, I assure you.

If you're still not sold, check our cheeky FAQ below to clarify things further.

Why are you doing this?

Because I feel a sick sense of satisfaction from knowing that people all over the world masturbate to the things I write.

Why is this game paid?

Because I want to make smaller games with exceptional production values. I need that money to finance this bold capitalistic enterprise and appropriately recompense the hard work of my chosen pornomancers.

What kinks should I expect to find in this game?

If we're talking about the kinks you can turn on or off, the game is planned to have eight of them; size difference, excessive cum, intense orgasms, musk, watersports, chastity, lactation and feet. To keep things manageable, though, not every story will have content for every kink. The feet and lactation kinks aren't present in the two stories in the demo, for instance.
That said, each story will have its own theme — like a gangbang, picking up a hitchhiker, getting a blowjob while driving — which might bring in some other kinks that are just part of the package, and cannot be toggled on/off.

Is Itch.io the only way to get Sex Drive?

You'll also get a copy of it if you support Eddio's Patreon with a pledge of 10USD or higher. You'll get access to the latest build of Killigan's Treasure, too — it's basically a "two in one" deal. And if you pledge for 25USD or higher you'll get access to early drafts of the upcoming stories.

Can I buy Sex Drive now?

Yes! For now the game has donations enabled, which are essentially the same as a purchase. Donating now will net you permanent access to the game, and will send me the signal that I can keep investing on this project without fear of not recovering my money. In other words, the more people donate now, the bolder I can be with adding more production values to the game!

When is the next build coming out?

We cannot say for sure just yet. More than half of Sex Drive is already written, which means that the biggest hurdles are already cleared and things can proceed quite smoothly. However, we are aiming for very high production values — art, UI, music, editing — which involves multiple people, schedules and moving parts.

Since we don't want to compromise on the quality, we cannot promise a firm release date for the next build just yet. But you can rest assured that production is going well and smoothly. Follow Minoh Workshop here on Itch to get notified of upcoming release dates.

Updated 13 days ago
Published 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(82 total ratings)
AuthorsMinoh Workshop, Eddio
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, Furry, Gay, NSFW
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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Ah yes, my favorite music settings lol

I'm on android btw, if that helps


Will there be any bondage content?


So far I don't have any story with bondage planned, but I might still change up some of the stories I haven't started writing. So I'd say it's possible we might have bondage, but not guaranteed.


This is a really cool page.


Thank you! Eddio made it himself!


well shit i am gonna be keeping an eye on this hope the final version has even more kinks/fetishes to play with


when i clicked on this i was hoping for watersports, and i was not disappointed.


me checking all the boxes in the kink menu


A high level Sex Drive player, I see!


how do I start it?


If you're using Android, just install the .apk and run the app.

If on Windows or Mac, unpack the .zip files and run the executable. If you're using Mac you might have to mess around with the security settings to allow the game to run.

Or you can install the Itch.io app and it should handle all of this for you.


Really enjoyed the game! the only complaint I have is that I'm not really clear on what the bobblehead hints actually want me to do. currently just trying to brute force unlocking them with different kink/junk settings.

(1 edit)

I seccond this, randomly unlocked the last one and now i'm going apeshit with the others


Really well paced and incredibly hot~ 🤤 as a smut writer, I know that finding a balance between the story's length and the detail xou want to add usually ends with xour tale running waaay longer than xou originally planned, so I really must applaud the pacing 🙂

These short tales have just enough information for us to become immersed, are short enough that we don't lose interest, and are juuust the right length for readers to get off~ 😉

Amazing work xou guys, really good change of pace from what's common in visual novels 😌


Love it



waiting for this from kerrigans forever



Pretty good game it would be cool if cigars were added to the list of kinks since it fits truckers. Also  maybe we could get some stories that feature bickers that could be fun.


Hey, that's a good idea... I don't know if we'll add more kinks to the list of toggleable ones, but I can certainly keep this in mind for the stories I'll still write. I did want to include a guy smoking a cigar... Thank you for the suggestion!


seconded for great justice 


Almost made me fail NNN... 10/10

(1 edit) (+8)

"Almost"?... It can't be... Sex Drive was supposed to make everyone fail NNN...


Is there an option that makes the visuals mobile friendly? I've really gotta squint if I wanna see them on my phone.


No, but I took note of what you said and I'll see what we can do in the future.


I didn't even download it yet but "enlightened man enjoyer" already deserves a five star 😭


The writer uses the serial comma


Low key though I'd just download this game just to have the truck running in the background of whatever I'm doing lmao.


Eddio+Minoanon must give us the gayer, furrier Desert Bus


For those of you just tuning in, not sure whether to give Sex Drive a try or not, just check Eymon's and Eddio's work! Or leave it playing on the background while you're having fun with a friend...