A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Minotaur Hotel tells the story of Asterion, the minotaur from the old Greek legend. This highly interactive visual novel will spirit you away on a powerful emotional journey.

During a trip you acquire the deed for a magical, dilapidated hotel. There you meet the minotaur caretaker -- Asterion. As the new owner you will try to restore the hotel to its former glory and bring together a fascinating cast of guests. Meanwhile you will grow close to Asterion and learn about his mythological past, heart-wrenching dreams and deepest emotions.

The hotel sits atop a cliff, overlooking a barren valley. The wasteland hides many secrets about the Olympian gods and their relation to Asterion’s past. Just below the surface are the horrifying monsters that guard it and threaten the minotaur’s safety.

With the hotel’s growing staff you can research its fantastical inner workings. Think carefully and you can exploit this world’s loopholes in your favor to trick those who oppose you. The hotel and the minotaur will react accordingly to your actions and words.

Asterion will take you on a heartfelt emotional adventure and the guests will fill it to the brim with soul. You will feel joy, sorrow and excitement as their personal adventures unfold. Their stories are brimming with adult gay content, however: you must be 18 years old or older to play this game.

Minotaur Hotel is a constantly evolving story crafted by a team of developers who happily take in player feedback. Play it now and tell us what you think, so together we may write the strongest story we can. Don’t miss out!

How to Play Build 0.2.5

If this is your first time playing Minotaur Hotel, just download and play.

If you played on Build 0.1 or Build 0.2 and would like to use the same save file from before, make sure you follow these steps:

  1. While on Build 0.1, go to the end of the content, right before the teaser for Build 0.2, and save.
  2. When playing on Build 0.2.5 pick that save file.

We had to do some backend tinkering and that means save files from Build 0.1 were generally made incompatible. But nanoff added a fix to it that takes effect if your save is at the end of Build 0.1. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you experience bugs, most likely they can be fixed by making a fresh save.

Should you witness a bug not solved by that, please use our Bug Report Form. Almost always the quickest, safest way to get back to the game is to make a new save file. Do keep in mind the game has a Skip feature which allows you to go over previous content in a minute.


Build 0.3 is slated to come out in March/April 2020 (a little bit later than we originally planned, sorry about that.)

If you want to follow the project then follow our development Twitter or our artist's profile.

Minotaur Hotel is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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