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Minotaur Hotel is a romance visual novel set in a magical hotel. You will become its new manager and meet the keeper — Asterion, the minotaur from the Greek legend, sentenced by the gods to spend eternity there.

In your mandate as Master of the hotel you will be faced with many choices — treating the minotaur humanely or not, dealing with the hotel’s magical workings and entities, and managing a growing cast of fantastical employees. By sending out teams to explore the valley below the hotel you will find ancient artifacts and mementos, which will reveal more about Asterion’s past and the realm’s history.

The way you treat Asterion and manage the hotel will affect the story, leading to a replayable experience where each playthrough reacts to your play style and reveals different parts of the story.

How to Play Build 0.3

If this is your first time playing Minotaur Hotel, just download, install and play.

In case this is not your first time...

  • If you played on Android before: unfortunately, because of a Ren'Py issue there is a chance your save files won't be recognized in this build. We tried our best but could not solve it. We recommend you Skip through the game until Build 0.3 starts. To make it quicker you can go on Settings and select "Skip Unseen Messages." After you reach the start of Build 0.3 deselect that option.
  • If playing on Windows, Mac or Linux: If you played on Build 0.2 and would like to use the same save file from before, make sure that save file is at the end of Build 0.2's contents. You may briefly experience some anomalies on the menus, but that should stop once you start Build 0.3.

If you find a bug the quickest, safest way to get back to the game is making a new save file. Do keep in mind the game has a Skip feature which allows you to go over previous content in a minute. Should you find a bug or typo which persists regardless of that, please use our Bug & Typo Report Form.


Minotaur Hotel 0.3 - Android 144 MB
Minotaur Hotel 0.3 - Windows 141 MB
Minotaur Hotel 0.3 - Mac 124 MB
Minotaur Hotel 0.3 - Linux 127 MB

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