Build 0.7 Progress Report & Announcing a New Project

Build 0.7 Progress Report

It's with great joy that I inform you that all of Chapter 19 of Minotaur Hotel has been fully written and edited. It took longer than estimated — largely due to real life issues — but all the 10 scenes we planned are ready to go. And, to top it off, out of those 10 scenes, 7 have been fully coded into the game, which means that we are very close to having a fully playable build. We still need to add the last three scenes and then test the whole thing, but I'm happy to say that we are very close.

And, to top it off, a while ago we hit 200,000 downloads! We decided to hold off on that announcement until we were closer to releasing the build, and to have the amazing piece above commissioned from Alpha0. It is meant both as celebration of this achievement and as a little prelude for what we have in store.

That said, we aren't going to announce a release date just yet. It'll still take a few weeks to code and test what's left because nanoff is busy for a bit.

It's safe to say that the next DevLog for Minotaur Hotel will contain the release date for Build 0.7.


Now, there's another thing I'd like to announce, but first a little explaining. Some of you noticed that we were very quiet during the last few months. I'd like to take a minute to explain why that happened, since we saw some concerned messages coming in.

In the last DevLog we said we only had one scene to go (we have internally called it Scene 7-N), but after taking another look at the whole picture we realized that a rewrite would be good for Scene 8. Things, sadly, took a bit longer than expected due to a number of factors, both personal and scheduling-related. Keep in mind that our standard procedure involves each scene going through multiple rounds of editing by different hands — it takes time, but it makes for a much better product.

But while this was happening nanoff went ahead and coded the other 7 scenes, which means that, despite this delay, things moved forward very nicely. A lot of work was done even if we were quiet. But since things were going a bit slowly, as far as flashy announcements went, I thought it'd be best to keep quiet and only say more when we had more concrete things to say. Telling everyone that "nope, nothing remarkable happened, we're just working as always" doesn't make for very fun DevLogs, you know?

With all of that said... I can finally make the announcement I was meaning to make.

As I explained before here and there, I have some side projects quietly going on. Minotaur Hotel is my #1 priority, so I'm careful about my time management, but since I had already finished my chunk of writing for Chapter 19 a while ago, I put some more time on them. We are ready to show off the first of them.

Announcing Sex Drive!

Sex Drive is a little something I've been working on the side for a while. It's a collection of short erotic stories featuring truckers getting into the usual sexy scenarios you can expect from porn. Each story is accompanied by illustrations by Eddio, creator of Killigan's Treasure, music by Eymon, creator of The Blue Cloth and Fields of Spring and editing by KoptenOwl — the whole package looks and feels gorgeous.

I'm trying flex my creativity in a new way with this project. First of all, the stories are pretty straightforward and focused on delivering a nice erotic experience, which is a nice breath of fresh air from the more intense Minotaur Hotel writing. We're also going with a page-like layout for the text, which gives a quicker pace to the story and requires less clicking/button-pressing to get through (yeah, this game was designed to be played with one hand). You can see below how it's turning out.

We're also experimenting with a system where readers can toggle some kinks on or off. You know, some people prefer it raunchier, others like it more vanilla, and ideally I want everyone to be able to enjoy the game. I'm hoping this will let you customize each story to your particular taste and, who knows, maybe you'll experiment with trying new combinations too!

You'll also be able to pick what the main characters' dicks should look like. It's the same argument as the kink selection, as it allows everyone to pick their favorite configuration.

I'm really going all out on pretty much all fields, trying to make something that's very focused and polished. This time I'm commissioning assets and covering the development expenses out of my own pocket, so this is not a project that can function on a non-commercial format.

We will start with releasing a demo for the game for free, of course. It will have two stories and should give a good impression of what we're going forThe full version of the game will be paid and have ten stories, and rest assured I want to give everyone a good bang for the buck.

We will talk more about Sex Drive when we're closer to release, so stay tuned! Build 1 is coming out this Fall, but I'm planning on writing another DevLog to show it off some more. Remember to follow us here if you want to receive updates about it!

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It been three months is the game died?




*wind howls*

*a lone tumbleweed rolls by*


me trying patiently wait for the next update 


Thank you for everything so far, I'm excited for what's coming.

From France, with love.


I get the feeling MinoAnon really likes truckers... 

I'm equally excited seeing that kink list though. Size diff and excessive fluids are definitely my thing.


Hi when do the h scenes in minotaur hotel begin?? I dont have sfw on but i was wondering if not wanting to see the griffon scene at the start might have affected it?


Right now there's a NSFW scene in Kota's route and another in Khenbish's. We'll add another one in Chapter 20.

What matters is making sure that SFW Mode is off. If you didn't want to look at Luke's scene earlier it's fine, that won't push you to SFW Mode.


just to be sure, we can romance astarion right? and ok cool


Yeah, Asterion is the only character you can date.


yay he's so lovely, so the nsfw scenes are with other characters with eachother? looking forward to your other game btw!


can't wait, so excited! 


A game written by MinoAnon and illustrated by Eddie? 

Also, congrats for 200K downloads.

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oh my , Ooooooooooh!

I'm a fool and a dreamer

As darling you're no more than being a dancer

Barefooted walk through the spines

While pains come to my skin


Awesome cant wait for both the next update and the new game! Oh and thank you for the Asteroin beefcake (heh) pic


Time to get the tissues ready. Just a tool with multiple uses.


Because of the tears of compassion after hearing Asterions story, right? RIGHT?


Haha Like 69 Lets goooooo


Thanks for the update!

Love the new Asterion picture, and am eagerly looking forward to whenever the patch comes out.

Oh, and Sex Drive is very intriguing! Can't wait to see more on that.


Congratulations for 200k download and good luck with the new game I'm sure it will be amazing and become a phenomenal since the success of the first game



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Thank you for new DevLog I love it I can't wait to play new version minotaur hotel  I want to play to new game sex  driver i wish you good luck to finish the development with the new version and give the release date I am looking forward to play your amazing and beautiful game


Gonna keep my eye out for the new game!

I just finished my first playthrough, and the story is just too good!
Made me cry with both sadness and happiness, as well as filled me with seething rage at times!

The problem now is that I seem to have fallen in love with a certain fictional character! Oh curse your skillfun enthralling writing!

(1 edit) (+3)

Glad your back and it souds like  you're ready then  ever . 😝

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