Minotaur Hotel Build 0.7 Release Date & Sex Drive Beta

It's time! Build 0.7 of Minotaur Hotel, containing Chapter 19 of the main story, is written, edited, coded and, now, tested! It's coming out...

Friday, October 27th!

As usual, it's coming out at 5PM UTC, which is usually good to let the European crowd play the game before going to bed. If you don't know what that means to your time zone, we have this table listing how this translates to some other places.

Chapter 19 is pretty big and is full to the brim with variations — it changes depending on which characters you recruited for the hotel and how advanced their routes are, your choices involving Argos and the Hinterlands, how your relationship has evolved with Asterion... There's a lot of content there.

Additionally, Chapter 20 is pretty advanced in terms of writing and editing but I'd like to see how people react to 19 before finishing it up. Getting feedback is always useful to make sure everything hits just right, and Chapter 20 is definitely a part of the story I want to be just perfect.

But wait, there's more!

You might remember that a while ago we announced a project called Sex Drive in partnership with Eddio, the dev behind Killigan's Treasure. It's an anthology of erotic stories revolving around truckers, with a lot of cool stuff like custom music, a beautiful UI, excellent art and the ability to turn kinks on and off. You can take a look at it on the trailer we posted in the last DevLog.

We've been silently working on it on the background and we feel it's time we did a round of beta testing before going public. We have a decent amount of content ready to go, but since Sex Drive functions very differently from the stuff we've done before we thought that more thorough testing would be beneficial to make sure it's just right.

We'll start by testing the game through Eddio's Patreon, specifically with the Radiant and Beacon patrons, then we'll make the demo public around early to mid November, depending on how much stuff we add to the game based on feedback.

The Sex Drive Beta begins NOW via Eddio's Patreon.

Like I said in the previous DevLog, Sex Drive is being developed in a different format. Starting with the build we publish after the demo, the game will be paid (but the demo will always be available for free). Those of you who join in through Eddio's Patreon, in the Radiant (10USD) or Beacon (25USD) tiers, will also get the full game and all its content updates. In other words, you can buy it as a standalone purchase on Itch or get it through Eddio's Patreon. Those of you who go for the Beacon tier will also get access to the story drafts before they're added to the game, as an added benefit.

We haven't settled on the price but it'll be around 10USD, with the game having at least 10 stories. Whether you get the game via Itch or by pledging to Eddio's Patreon as a Radiant or Beacon, you'll get all future content updates.

You can find a more thorough explanation of how things will work in Eddio's Patreon, and we'll explain in details how things will work in a DevLog when the game goes public.

...But wait, there's more... Coming soon. After we release all this stuff I'll be back with another project we've been slowly cooking on the background.

Wew, that was a lot. Summarizing: starting tonight you can join the Sex Drive Beta via Eddio's Patreon, and this Friday we're publishing Chapter 19 of Minotaur Hotel, and soon after that we'll have more.

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It's here, and Khenbish is looking tastier than ever. i'll be having me some bacon this friday.


I really hope I can go all in on that snake guy


OMG!! I can't believe it'll be here so soon. Thank you so much!!!!



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Thank you for all your hard work. Visual Novel's like Minotaur Hotel are easily the best things coming out of the furry fandom these days.


I'm so excited for it!!!


I'm so hecking ready for it.


It's crazy how i was just on another "Sea Salted fragrances" tour and decided to check itch.io just now. What amazing timing. Literally, one of my all time favorite fantasy romance stories forever.



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Dam it has being a long time  but so worth it good luck with further production  of chapter 20 and the 2 new projects.๐Ÿ”ฅ


Will the update cause errors in .6 version save files or are we good?


It shouldn't.


We're so back 


Will there be in-game days for us do side quests in this uptade?


No. Chapter 19 is like the earlier chapters with no management sessions, just story progression. Chapter 20 will be the same, we'll only get back to management in Ch. 21.


I just read the Novel again after a long time, just to receive this wonderful news, I can't wait to see the continuation of the story, I can't wait to arrive Friday, this new project Sex Drive seems interesting too and you and Eddio are two very talented artists, I can't wait to see what you have been cooking for us.


super excited for Sex Drive โœจ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘€


Oh hells yeah


Thank you so much for great news I love minotaur hotel this beautiful and great game