Call for Input on Customizing Asterion

What do you want Asterion to look like?

Today we are opening a call for input on what ways you'd like to customize Asterion in the game.

You are welcome to send your input by whatever means available -- but preferably as comments to this post. If a comment in this post contains a suggestion you agree with it would be good if you upvoted it so we can assess interest. Commenting requires an Itch account -- since we know not everyone has one you can send your contribution through this anonymous form.

More information about the process is available below.

The call for input is: CLOSED. Results forthcoming.

Full Breakdown

An idea we had early on when planning the story and game is that we want to give customization options on how Asterion looks. The backend for it is largely implemented by now and some options were available in the 0.1 build -- you can have Asterion wear his old clothes (dress pants and shirt) or a v-neck shirt which depends on the player character's background. It's also important to note that, as of build 0.1, Asterion hasn't finished his healing process -- you can see how he'll end up in the pictures above.

But it goes a bit further than that. For example you'll be able to choose his fur color among three options (white, brown and red). You can see a few examples above.

Right now, it's confirmed we are implementing the following options:

Fur color: White, brown and red.
Clothes: Dress shirt and pants, six modern shirts, a toga.
Horns: There will be more than one style of horn you can pick from.
Naughty Stuff: Regular Asterion junk, plus options for bigger balls and horse junk.
Nose ring: With or without nose ring.

We are accepting suggestions on how to expand this roster of already available options. Those suggestions can include but are not limited to: requesting other naughty options relating to Asterion's junk, or sending us a picture/link for a kind of horn you'd like to have available, and so on. Don't feel restricted by those two examples we offered -- tell us what you want, don't worry about the details.

Beyond that, there are a few suggestions we already received and aren't implemented in the code. We are also accepting suggestions regarding novel ways to customize Asterion. We have already received a few of them, which we are making available below.

Nipple rings: Self-explanatory.
Necklace: During the game you can find a nice necklace you can give to Asterion.
Ear tag: Ear tag, like cows/bulls often have in farms.
Musk: No musk, some musk, very musky bull. This won't have an effect on his sprites but may affect scenes.
Horn caps: Self-explanatory.

Don't be afraid of proposing your ideas even if you think they are silly or complicated. We will consider them all, even if we know we probably won't be able to insert all of them.

Q: How will those options be integrated in the story? Would Asterion even like being physically modified like that?
A: The Labyrinth's magic allows the Master to set some of Asterion's appearance. Asterion may react in specific ways to each modification.

Q: Will you insert all the options we are requesting?
A: We will pick a number of options. We can't guarantee how many will be picked.

That is all. Remember: preferably respond to this post with your comment but you can also use this anonymous form.

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A black fur color and a grey fur color would be nice and a new body type musclegut


I like the idea and choices you want to implement so far. Maybe make a few basic choices and make things unlock able via story and different routes thus adding to replay-ability. You could probably add this for other guests too,  which could then be unlocked for a changing room feature for who want to see a mix and match or all the sweet swag or lack of for their enjoyment. Love the story so far and the music along with it. Makes for a great feeling and it makes me excited for what else is to come. 


How about simple metal bracers? they'd go well with horncaps and other metal acessories, and they could represent shackles. Perhaps have a loincloth in a greek style to complete the 'old-school' look? I think that'd work great with Asterion's physique.


I like bulkier Asterion but like the friendly eyes from the other version.

Also, for me the visuals are less important than Asterion's reaction to them. You'd think nipple rings would draw some comments...


a black fur and maybe a black and white color for him like dariy cows (and a option to milk him ;3). and the option to revert asterion body type to athletic rather then body builder or heck a slim , muscle gut ,chubby (preferably when he's healthy) version would be nice but as long as the player can ask him to change whenever would be nice.


I'd love to give him an even more dapper outfit, like a butler suit or something like that.


1. I personally would like to see Asterion keep a faded scar (small gap/indent) on his left eyebrow and the left side of his lip, but this may be impossible due to the angle of the sprite's pose. For further effect, maybe keep half of his left ear missing/scarred.

2. Sleeveless Asterion needs more accessories. A bicep band, clasp on the shoulder strap and a soul patch? Or maybe even fur-less bicep, shoulder, and chest?


wow so sexy and so handsome


Also I prefer the second set, the bulky one. The current one seems too stiff. '-'


I agree the first set of sprites seem stiff. It makes sense in-world though, maybe have Asterion loosen up for a bit of character development?


I would like to see a chubby minotaur. #'-'#

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or a bulky guy with some muscle would look good to :)

I second this


Make it so the player can give Asterion certain accessories to wear. 
The player gets these items by meeting certain conditions in the game. 
Some of the accessories are tasteful, simple, and even personally meaningful. 
Others may be less so. 
Some of these accessories may cause dialogue to occur or actions or scenes to become available depending on how the meaning of the accessory worn relates to the situation at hand. I've left the details vague on purpose; it is up to the authors to decide which accessories are meaningful or not/ which ones make certain dialogue, options, and scenes possible or not. 

Possible accessories include:
Agal, Armband, Armring, Bracelet, Brooch, Cestus, Cameo, Collar, Cow Blinders, Graphic Pin Button, Cumberbund (goes with tuxedo), Eye Patch, Monocle, Necklace (so many possibilities, sometimes the most simple object strung around the neck can be the most meaningful), Nosegay/bouquet, Paper Bag w/ Eye Holes, Pin (could be helpful if Asterion has any long hairstyles), Reimiro (a crescent-shaped pectoral ornament once worn by the people of Easter Island), Rings, Sunglasses (Shutter Shades only available on "I speedrun games" playthrough), Wreaths for the head (olive, bay laurel, thorns, gold-wrought olive), Wristwatch.
This may provide some inspiration, they go into detail on what kind of jewelry ancient people had.

Also, if you play the game in such a way to make Asterion not just serve you but really care for/love you, this results in him giving the player such an item of significance. 


What I would love to see would be an option for him to be in nothing more than a fancy loincloth. 


Okay, so first ,I'm going to back up some of the ideas expressed so far. Nipple rings, horn caps and musk all sound awesome.

For clothes, maybe something for a workout so he could help people in the gym or something. Though something more butler like  would be cool and it would fit his role as a host in the hotel, or if the player is sticking with something from the early 19th century, a gentleman's set could also work. For accessories, I think horn rings could be interesting. They would add on to his charm while not getting stuck in cloth or being too much of a handicap. Simple earrings could be a nice addition and not mark him like cattle.

That's all I can think of atm. Good job on the game guys and I wish you the best! :D


This one is probably going to require a lot of work, but maybe add one or two more sizes for Asterion? At the moment we have athletic and bulky/muscular (both of which look amazing), but as we all know, everyone has different tastes. In order to better address those taste issues, I was thinking add a slim and chunky/fat option as well considering there is a fairly large audience for both.

As for minor customization's, any piercing would be interesting, heck even adding a tattoo option would be nice. An option to control how hairy/fluffy he is would be interesting too although I imagine that would be troublesome.