Customization the 3rd: Revengeance

Nanoff here, I'm doing the art and coding for Minotaur Hotel. We made a post about a week ago, asking for input on some customization options Asterion was lacking in. Well, while MinoAnon and other writers continue writing build 0.2 content, I've been going over these suggestions and adding them to the game.

Fur color

Alright, you guys asked for these:

We've added Golden Bull and Paul Bunyan Blue colors for Asterion, on top of the white, brown, black, red and spotted variations we already had. Without getting into outlandish parrot green/Tyrian purple territory, I think we're covered in terms of fur colors.


By far the most requested tattoo for Asterion on the blog comments and Google form was a Greek/labyrinth pattern and I want to think I've got those people covered. Like MinoAnon said last post, the player will gradually unlock these customization options as the game goes on, and Asterion will react differently to every option you choose for him. There's a story behind the labyrinth pattern for the tattoo and we can't wait until players reach that bit of the story.

As for other tattoo options, there's a labrys inspired one (yes, the hilt goes ALL the way down) and a Taurus brand, which was also frequently suggested. As you can see I'm the kind of guy that gets pissed at the magical ink showing up on top of fur kind of tattoos on anthro characters, so the tattooed patches of skin are a little lighter on fur.


If you've been paying attention to the previous pics, we've expanded our nipple arsenal a little bit: on top of the sapphire rings, we've added a very creative bone piercing suggested in last blog's comments, steel studs, and, well...

More than one of you asked for this.


The last outfit was fun to put together! We have enough options now that you can really theme Asterion's outfit if you want to:

...Such as, jock Asterion...

...or very prettied up Greek Asterion. A lot more of these pics showcasing the current customization options have been posted in our Twitter, so don't forget to follow us at @Minohotel.

We are still targeting late October for build 0.2's release, in which you'll be able to play around with some of these customization options. Not all of them: even though I've been working on a lot of stuff I can't wait to see players to get to (the aforementioned customization, the looting/support mechanics, hotel/guest management, etc.) our priority is a tight story and proper pacing.

I think most people will be satisfied with the options we already have here, and we will add more down the line (I'm fond of the rose behind the ear idea!). In a few days we will make another DevLog showing off some more options we prepared. At the moment there's other things to work on.

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I love it ! The labyrinth on his sexy belly is French, from middle age I think, but it looks great ! And I DO agree for a way to get him naked <3 It s all for sure an excellent work ! can't wait for mooooooooore 

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I feel like Asterion is missing a bracelet, or some form of wrist wear!

 Definately should have something like that for him since we have a bunch of other accessories but not that


damn, the last one is awesome


how about a formal suit on him? xD
a buff moo in a two/three-piece


Can we get one of him with nothing on? lol


I'm thinking that maybe there could be modern semi-formal clothing, much like this

But personally, if you were to do this, I hope it would be tight on him. He's a big guy after all :P


Mildly off topic, but I am actually very glad you guys are coming to the audience for suggestions and showcasing the progress you've made towards implementing them. It's very impressive that we get to see all of this get pumped out so quickly too! Already gearing up to me one of my top 5 VNs and we're barely past the first day! Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for us!

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Thanks! It means a lot to receive comments like this, and we are grateful you like our game so much that you'd be willing to contribute financially. But we don't have plans to make a Patreon and we'd prefer to keep Minotaur Hotel a non-profit passion project.

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