Customization IV: A safe for work peek at Asterion's wardrobe

Hello everyone. Today we continue with our journey down Asterion's customization options, and we start with two pretty big features nanoff recently prepared for us: a safe for work mode and Build-A-Moo.


Build-A-Moo, or "Wardrobe" as it's called in the code is Asterion's customization screen. It's our user-friendly way to manage all the options you will unlock throughout the game -- as opposed to displaying a tree of branching text menus where you click without seeing straight off the bat how they'll change Asterion.

Here you can see how it works. In the beginning, you'll have a very limited selection of options -- just three fur colors, two outfits, one underwear (the blue loincloth) and going nude.

As the game progresses Asterion will fully heal from his injuries and he'll eventually look like this:

This is what the Wardrobe will look like when all currently available options are unlocked:

It's good to keep in mind we want Asterion to individually react to each and every customization option as they are unlocked and used for the first time. If you are curious you can take a good look at this screen to try and guess all the options we have.

As a little piece of trivia, until now whenever we showed all those pictures of Asterion in different outfits I had to go to the game's code and manually call the specific customization options we wanted. Here's a little look into how the beef sausage is made:

As you can see, Build-A-Moo is a huge improvement for us and we hope you'll like this new feature.

Safe for Work Mode

It came as a surprise to us when people requested an SFW mode -- our thought process is that people would only play the game wanting the "juicy bits". But then we were told it's a good feature for people who play on Android and on public transport, and I can't argue against that.

At the beginning of the game and at the start of build 0.2's content, you'll be given a prompt asking if you want to activate SFW mode. Here's what it does:

Asterion will have a loincloth at the beginning of the game instead of flopping his dick around. Additionally, the game will skip sex scenes.

If despite having SFW mode on you try to get the moo naked you'll be met with this:

Yes, this is an in-game screencap. Baby Jesus doesn't like hypocrites.

With all that out of the way, let's check the customizations we have for today.


While planning what the options would be we made we decided we should generally strive to give customization options that would fill the following four groups:

  1. Romantic and affectionate gifts. Those are the items a friend or lover would give as gifts. You can reliably expect Asterion to react well to these objects, and often times they will be items he owned previously that were somehow displaced.
  2. Aesthetics and bull-themed options. Options which are a bit more focused on making Asterion look stylish or fit a certain aesthetic. Asterion can usually be expected to react well to those, but a few may be delicate topics so it's best to remain sensitive.
  3. Lowkey kink. Options that have an undertone of sexuality to them. If you are close to Asterion you might be able to convince him that it's ok. Otherwise, he will most likely feel sad.
  4. Outright fetish. Customizations that are evidently sexual in nature. Those are options to which he won't react well unless you are very close to him.

Not always will the distinction be clear-cut. We are only using this as a general rule of thumb.

In the first image we have the cowbell, which we classified as an aesthetic option. On the second we have the necklace, an affectionate gift. Below we have the kink/fetish options, which in this case are kind of interchangeable: the collar and the chain+padlock.


For arm wear, we begin with the laurel wreath. Because of some technical limitations with how layers in Ren'py work we can't easily make headwear that goes over the horns. That was a very sorry situation since from the start we wanted to add a laurel wreath. Fortunately for all of us nanoff had the brilliant idea of making it into an armband and it sure looks good to me. This quite easily falls into the gift category -- you can expect Asterion to enjoy the significance of a gift like this.

Gloves are a simple aesthetic choice. I'll leave the next two options for people to speculate about:


To close it off today let's take a look at headwear options.

Despite not being a wearable, strictly speaking, the Highland hair is considered a piece of headwear.

With regular and sunglasses.

Ear tag and earrings!

I'd say Asterion looks pretty good with all the jewels on.

Is this all?

No! Next week we'll go over horns and horn accessories, showing all combinations (there aren't many, that will be short.) We'll also see all the outfits and underwear options. That should be our final devlog on customizing Asterion for a while, as nanoff is focusing on other assets for now -- namely, a CG for the first sex scene in the game which will involve one of the upcoming guests.

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Can't wait for 0.2 to go live!

W-we are g-grateful for your co-ontinued patronage
P-p-pwease don't b-break ou-our skulls open D-Doom Guy
Pwease I - I c-can't die just yet, m-my life's work...



You'll be fine youngling! You'll do just fine.


i dunno if its too late but since ther is only 7 colors for our boy is ther anyway to get the color purple. why purple well in a reference to something 


Now that gives me quite a big think, buddy.


great job to the dev team, i wish i could donate to you guys, have you guys heard of brave? it's like chrome but without google fingers in everything. XD anywho they have this currenacy where the pages you visit slowly builds up donations to your favortive media/content providers, if you guys had a page that accepts donate i'd happy drop like 10-15 bucks there XD  anywho best wishes and keep up the great work ^_^


I haven't commented before, just wanted to say nanoff is doing a fantastic job and i'm super excited for this project


thanks, pal

i'm having a lot of fun helping out with this game, I'm glad it's showing


Out of context I would have thought most of these were different characters entirely haha. Soooo many options my goodness @__@


Hey, I had been meaning to talk with you! There's something I'd like to ask, remember I talked with you about your Bara Games list? So, could you add Killigan's Treasure to it? It would help us a lot in figuring out some stuff


omg i forgot to add that one to it, thank you. I made the Bara Games list way after finding out about Killigan's Treasure game. Its added now so we'll see what happens o-o


Thanks dude!


Also, I wonder how do we get all these customization. Is there will be scenes where we choose the way he dress or his clothes will change while how we interact with Asterion?


The customization options will be slowly unlocked as the story goes on. 

For example, at one point Asterion could bring up that a previous master would prefer his horns in a different shape. The player is prompted to choose a different shape (or stick with them the way they are). Asterion will respond to your choice by getting happy, proud, sad, etc. 

Some can be unlocked automatically, for example Asterion would be working out wearing a loincloth and the player will suggest some modern gym clothing. 

Other accessories can be found by sending parties to explore the labyrinth or by interacting with different guests. 

At the start of every day you'll have the option to open the wardrobe menu and choose Asterion's outfit/fur color/etc


Wow. Very interesting


What I found funny about this update is that it said SFW but when I tried to access the post, it warned me that the profile has 18+ content. kkkk xD


really loving this customization.


Baby Jesus... xDDD

Love all the customizations!!