Build 0.2 Release

And here it is, Build 0.2! Have fun!

Will I be able to carry my save file over?

Yes. You can load your Build 0.1 save file and continue to Build 0.2 with no hiccups...

But you will have to have saved right before the Build 0.1 content ended (if you saved on the little teaser at the end, that will work as well).

We've made a lot of changes to the backend of the game, especially on Asterion's sprite set, so loading a save file in, say, chapter 3 using build 0.2 will likely crash the game soon after. The save file is instantly updated upon entering Build 0.2 content so no need to worry beyond that point.

We are mitigating this issue for future builds by letting players know WHEN to save -- you'll see a prompt for it at the end of Build 0.2.

If you have any issues you can report them via this anonymous form. We will try to solve it as soon as possible, and if necessary we might upload a patch and/or improved version. Still, if you wish to solve your issue quickly you can also restart your playthrough -- remember we have a Skip feature built-in.

Build 0.2 Content

Adds Chapter 6, 7 and 8. Notably, Chapter 6 includes dialogue options suggested by players via Twitter.

Adds the Wardrobe menu (aka Build-a-Moo), a visual interface where you can pick how Asterion should look. As you play the game you'll acquire new ways to customize him.

Adds introduction and additional scenes for two new characters, Kota and Luke, which includes two CGs with NSFW content.

Adds a Safe for Work Mode. Players will be prompted at the start of a new save and at the start of Build 0.2's content about it. SFW Mode does not display nudity and alters sex scenes.

The choice of player background (tech, math, arts, leader, humanities, speedrunner) affects dialogue and unlocks special options during the game. Now said special options will be highlighted.

Adds VIP Room (and here's how to find it!)

If you have the time, please fill our Feedback Form after you finish the game.

Modifications to Build 0.1 Content

Rewrote the final stretch of content before the end of Build 0.1.

Added an extra dialogue choice. When Asterion pleads his oath to the player you can now ask him to give you more information before accepting it.

Players with the speedrunner background do not have the time to read contracts.

Changed the sound effect that played when items were found to something less immersion-breaking, courtesy of Stormsinger Studios.

Edited the song that plays when entering the cold room so it's less loud.

General edits based on player feedback.

Overhauled the About page so it's in compliance with Creative Common's Best Practices for Attribution.

Build 0.3 Estimate

The next build should come out around February/March 2020.

Over the next two weeks I'll be out on a work trip which will suck my blood dry, so no writing on the short term future. Keeping in mind the holidays are approaching and we all deserve some rest, we will considerably slow down our production rhythm during December too. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you, because it will give people time to play the game and offer their criticism/suggestions before we get started on the next chunk of content.

On that front, we have received some extremely constructive feedback so far and I'd like to go back a little bit to improve some stuff -- most notably the game's start will have some work put into it, people thought it was confusing and my intentions weren't coming across consistently.

Another piece of criticism we got quite recently is that the game's main character does not react to all the weirdness going on around him, and that's very valid. I'll probably add some content during the early chapters to account for this. We wrote the MC in a non-intrusive way because we stuck to a rule of "Don't tell the player what he's thinking." I still think that's a good rule but we will try addressing this point in creative ways.

As a warning, if you sent Asterion out to the valley you'll still find that the game ends prematurely. We haven't gotten to writing that piece of content just yet. It will be implemented on the next build alongside Argos' return.

Android Build

Sorry for the Android folk, but we haven't really gotten started on the Android build just yet. There was a lot of work nanoff had to do so we could get this build out, including absolute tons of sprite work, so it got pushed back. We haven't forgotten about you, we are just trying to juggle all the stuff going on. We will keep you guys posted about it.

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Nov 13, 2019

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Man, I was kinda afraid to go into this at first (furry is not my thing) but some other va writers I really liked linked over to your article, wich was interesting, then I read about your project and the premise got me curious enough to take a look. I'm glad I did. The writing is so strong and so different from most VAs, it has this limnal, eeiry feeling that draws you in from the start. The furry thing is there, but its not a used substitute for strong characterization, and even in Lukes scene, its as much about characterization as the act, and the characterization was strong enough to overpower any squick (Luke is such a slut and just I want to play more so I can find someone to love him, or at least give him some snuggles) Kano wasn't as interesting, but I am hyped for the Kobolds! Or at least I'm assuming thats what they are, but their designs look like they've come straight out of the Monster Manual so I don't think you could blame me. I'm playing a Kobold in my group right now so I'm interested in how you'll interpret them, and make them fit with this more eloquent, poetic writing style. I'm super keen to see how the management aspects play out, and to play matchmaker with the guests. Overall I was blown away by this and happy to be so.


Loving the game so far ^=^. I don't mind waiting on an update. i prefer to wait and have a good update than a rushed one with bugs :P. now i must go and try to find the VIP lounge


Great update! I never knew Petrichor was the word used to describe the 'smell of rain.'

Hey dev, how do you unlock the 1) pet Asteron  2) VIP Lounge  3) Assign Luke instead of Kota to the Lounge


Luke will become the manager to the lounge if you picked "Someone Fun" at the end of Build 0.1. We realized people may wish to change their decision, so at the beginning of Build 0.2, alongside the SFW Mode prompt, you're again given the chance to go with either Someone Classy or Someone Fun.

Now... Petting Asterion is a small secret and the VIP Room is a big secret. I'm not spoiling the surprise just yet, but you can go to this thread right here where you can discuss the latest build and talk about how to access the secrets.

People already learned how to pet the moo, but I don't think anyone found the VIP Room. It ain't easy!

Deleted 3 years ago

thank you this great  update and good  luck