Gay Furry Visual Novel Audience Survey

Hey everyone.

A while ago I talked with the other devs and suggested making a survey to assess what people prefer in their gay furry VNs. I then set up this fairly comprehensive questionnaire that assesses a number of things — if you like NSFW and/or SFW content, what kinds of characters catch your attention, and so on.

The survey is a bit long — it should take 10 minutes max. I know it takes a while but this survey will be extremely useful for us creators. The results are public and will remain public — you can check them as soon as you finish the survey, you'll find the link after you submit your response.

Since the survey's results are public we took the care not to collect any sort of personally identifying data. Most we ask in that regard is age, gender and sexual orientation.

Gay Furry Visual Novel Audience Survey

So yeah. If you have a few minutes please fill the survey. It helps a lot. Thank you!

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 when your talking about disabled dateable characters I think be more pacific of the type of disability, because when people hear the word disabled first think they may think about would be the worst.


Good questions. Smart move. I myself would love to see the statistics .


They are already visible! You can check them by clicking the link that showed up after submitting the survey... But I went ahead and got you the link too, just click here and you'll go to the results.

thank you.


Just did it. Hope my answers were useful.


Finished! Hope all the answers you guys receive can help further grow the community's content in new and interesting ways!


Done. Though the question about pirating VNs had me doubting. Won't lie to you, I sometimes pirate games, VNs including, just to be able to play it, even if I can't afford it right now. Though every game I pirated and played, I bought after, even if I wouldn't play it anymore. It does not justify me, but that's how it is.


31 people are wrong


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I was trying to be honest as much as possible but there is some options that aren't available in some countries so some situation may be different

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Done, and I was honest about how I felt about the questions.



I don't think people are being 100% honest with some of the questions, lol

Oh yeah, some of these answers may not be the most precise... Still, it's useful! We'll see.


Like gorillas and monkeys question. I like gorillas but not monkeys, About felines I only like big one as lions, tiger, panthers,  mountain lions?, leopards...

My heart was from only one little cat that is in my icon. The only one I loved.

Rare times he come visit my dreams.


Its grate to see someone so dedicated to bringing us something we can really enjoy. But please remember that regardless of the outcome some people may feel left out. For example I said I was a little uncomfortable with transgender characters. I'm fine with transgender people but when I play a Gay VN I prefer if if they are born Males. I know that some gay guys don't mind but as long as it's made clear from the start or if you do end up going down there path give us the option to just be friends without being a asshole. 

Basically make this clear before you start there path either with good story telling or a prompt that just tells you that this character is a transgender. 

I don't want to exclude them but I still want to enjoy my gay VNs. 


A broader takeaway I took from the results so far is that a lot of things which sound uncommon are viable if the creators account for it and just make it work as a package — which includes thinking how to best implement these specific ideas.

Keeping in mind this was a survey for pretty much all gay furry VN devs we threw in a lot of stuff thinking of them. The trans questions comes from that.


Rio de Janeiro, July 3rd 2020

I am not into too but...

If think about realism. Not everyone gonna tell it just after meet someone that do never saw before.

Not that it is good or bad but it can give that surprise and you choose the bad end ... maybe ... or the good end.

Not that it is going to be like Echo with all bad sad ends. I cried a lot playing it ... and started to like the evil otter. (8 minutes of... oh nevermind... heheh)

Maybe... I had two friend guys that use girl and cunt characters in Second Life. I used to tell them. "So If you feel it. Why you don't go and look for a surgery and be... We not going to end together. But you may be happy with yourself. And that is what matter. You not need to fit my bed desires to be my friend after all".

Well, just think that a interesting story could be of you support a friend you love to be what that friend want to be. Not really need to they both end together. How knows we could even help the friens find a love in place of  find a love for himself.



P.S.: Maybe after very long friendship I could feel different and change my mind... that happened before after years of friendship. I mean feelings... I am talking to much... I need sleep... hehehe.. Nifht night (really morning here).

it really should be disclosed right away. Some of the real life problems trans people face is being fetishized. So she trans people want to hide the fact they are trans. Its actually strongly recommended for a trans person to reveal there gender Identity right away because the world is a dangerous place for really anyone in the LGBT+. Also I personally know someone that had a hard time accepting Transgender people because someone he dated hid it from them for so long. He just didn't trust them after what happened. Like it or not this is a deal breaker for a lot of people. And it's better to end things on good terms then to No one likes to be lied to or lead in to a false sense of security and have the rug pulled out from under them.  Everyone deserves the right to know what there getting in to.