Build 0.4 Q&A Session

And here it is! We compiled all the questions we got and they are all answered below.

This time we tagged who sent the question, to make it easier to find your answers. They were ordered by which ones were sent first, with the questions from Twitter at the bottom. IF YOU HAVE FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS!

Sometimes you'll see the names of who responded — NANOFFMINOANON or NEMO. If there's no name in the answer it's been answered by MinoAnon.

Without further ado, let's go. Questions


Has the "enviroment" of furry VNs steered you to change any aspect of the story and/or characters?

Absolutely, yes.

When we started work on the VN we had a number of assumptions about the VN-reading audience. For instance we bet that the response to a VN whose writing style was more literary would be good, and we thought that our efforts to publish useful tools/resources (like the writing manual, the FVN survey, etc) would be appreciated. More often than not we got things right.

But there were many things we got wrong or did not foresee. For instance we were surprised with how many people preferred the story without any sexual content — when we started we assumed everyone would be pretty happy with the side cast having plenty of side stories with sexual content.

Without going into too much detail, what the "furry VN-reading audience" wants is not a single thing, there are a number of different visions just casually bunched together. Figuring out this question has been a very surprising process and I don't think anyone knows the full answer for sure.

On a different note, when we started Minotaur Hotel we actually had plans to make it moddable, which is partly why we went with putting the game under Creative Commons. But our experiences changed our minds a bit. If we really went ahead with the modding idea, we realised, it could end up inhibiting people from making their own VNs. In this regard we became more conservative.

The team is very receptive to feedback. Does it ever become too much? Do you have a system of sorts to filter "bad" criticism?

Criticism can get overwhelming, yes. Pretty much every piece of it we've received so far is high quality, mind you, and internally we go as far as joking that all Minotaur Hotel readers are smart. We really couldn't have asked for a better audience. But, for instance, back when we released Build 0.2 we let people write their thoughts about it in a Google Form. We got something like 400 responses and the sheer quantity of it was a bit too much, especially because the criticism we got was really good.

Since then we've learned a few tricks here and there to make things easier to digest. For the Google Forms we post after each build we leave fewer write-in fields and instead ask people to post on the forums, where people discuss things and the criticism comes out a bit richer. Aside from that when we ask for criticism now we tend to ask for it regarding specific points — which, again, makes everything easier to put together.

Beyond that we have a few ways to "classify" criticism. While keeping in mind that most messages people send us have great, useful information, sometimes we get stuff which we basically classify as "good point, but it's beyond the scope of what the game is about/what we can accomplish." At other times we get criticism which amounts to "I like this, I just wish there was more, please make more" — which, of course, is very easy to interpret. Other than that there is, of course, "this aspect of the game isn't working" and "this is going well, but it'd be better if you'd adjust things a bit."

There's also a fifth type, this one we particularly appreciate, which is best summarised as "allow me to think out of the box for a moment and here's an idea that's entirely beyond what you could imagine." Our recent addition of dyslexia-friendly features came from that, when a friend of ours casually mentioned he had a hard time reading the game.

Whoever is writing the reviews does great comments. Any chance to see more of that? Clarification: Often when this account rates things they leave a (often paragraphs long) reviews and descriptions. The quality of these are just great; it really feels like the author cares about and means what they're saying (just like the Minotaur Hotel itself). 

Thanks! I'm the head writer, I manage the account and write those reviews. I'm very glad you appreciate them.

We don't talk about this openly but we have a lot of things going on in the background to try and help other developers do well. Those reviews are one of those things — they are both my honest critique and a chance to promote games I enjoyed. We also do stuff like curating some promoted collections that show up on's sidebar.

I'd like to write more of them but lately I just struggle to find the time and energy to play more VNs. But knowing someone enjoys the reviews does give me a bit of a drive to keep on making them. Thank you.

HOW ELSE can I possibly show my appreciation for these projects?

Show Asterion to your pep pep!

Jokes aside... Depending on what you're up you can support nanoff's Patreon or rate our other games. If you are a composer/musician we might need help with that sometime down the road, just not now.


Will we have the chance to slowly romance Asterion, give him his first kiss and cuddle with him in bed?, Will we have the chance to be romantic with him?

Absolutely, yes. Do keep in mind, however, that it will be a slow process, really "stop and smell the flowers." Build 0.4 is an important step towards this development in the story but there we haven't reached the point of having romance yet.

Fatty Dragon

Sorry for this very odd question but it feels a bit important to me as someone who is in the autism spectrum, are there plans on adding disabled characters? If not, that's okay!

Your question is not at all odd, I'd say it's particularly insightful.

Perhaps my answer is a bit too revealing, but I struggled with depression for a while and that influences my writing. If you look closely you might see a little of that in the writing so far, but we do it without specifically mentioning "depression". Extrapolating this a bit, we generally care about people with disabilities or who go through tough situations because of neurological/psychiatric reasons. It's one of the reasons why we went as far as adding the Dyslexia-friendly features in the last update, we generally care about people with disabilities.

The same process applies to autism in particular — the Minoh team has more than one member in the spectrum. So, you know, it is perfectly possible that we already have a character in the spectrum in the story, we just didn't mention it explicitly.


We already have Kota, who is a dragon, but are there plans for more mythological creatures added to the roster or from other Myth origins from more cultures and different places? 

Yes! We want to keep on expanding the host of cultures and nationalities that show up in the game.

For now it'll be mainly Greek mythology but coming very soon we will have some characters from Latin America, and in Build 0.5 we will have someone from Asia and, if we can finish it on time, Africa.


What is The Hotel?

The friends we made along the way, what else?


Which character is the hardest to write, and which one is the funniest?

Argos is the funniest, hands down. Hardest one is probably the upcoming peacock character.

How was asterion relationship with past masters?

Well, the Masters generally came in two types; the ones before and after "Joseph the Merciful."

For the first dozen or so centuries of the labyrinth's existence the masters were, simply put, torturers. Some were sadistic, others saw it as a divine duty, but no matter the reason you can guess Asterion didn't have much of a proper relation with them. At the absolute best of times he was their servant but generally he was afraid of being around them.

Then came Joseph, an early Christian who got in a shipwreck and found himself in the labyrinth. Joseph didn't like Asterion, in fact he was disgusted because of how Asterion was born, but Joseph believed no one could have done anything so bad as to deserve Asterion's punishment and he had faith God had brought him to the labyrinth for a reason. He spent decades trying to become the next Master and his reign marks the point when things started getting better.

Overall Joseph wasn't a friendly person, but he was a good man. Asterion had a great deal of appreciation for him, and everything that came afterwards was only possible thanks to Joseph dedicating a sizeable period of his life to a single goal.

After Joseph came a good string of masters who, pleasant or not, friendly or not, each did their small part towards making the labyrinth a better place. At the worst of times Asterion had a strained professional relationship with them, at best he had affection and admiration for them and their hard work.

Overall it was very hard for Asterion to truly see the masters as his friends. The distance in power is just too great. But that didn't stop him from having positive emotions towards them.

Did you expected people to get so attached to asterion?

Well... That's a tough question. The Minotaur VN came after I wrote it in a novel-like format, and it got a strong reaction out of people. So we expected people to get attached to Asterion. What did surprise us was the number of people who got attached — that was well beyond our wildest expectations. We were so certain that Minoh would be a tiny thing that, well, we put in Luke's truck stop scene, which was a pretty wild move.

That said, there were moments when we realised we could have written things so people would get more attached. But we have a pretty firm notion of how far is too far, and we worry about people getting so attached that it becomes harmful.

Well, overall we are very happy with results so far.

Is there any ongoing joke between the developing team

Too many to count, here it goes.

  • The entirety of the Speedrunner route
  • Inserting Dark Souls and Bloodborne references everywhere to spite nanoff
  • "Luke, the epitome of an America, eats without chewing and, thus, chewing is un-American"
  • Minotaur Hotel was made as a way to make people appreciate big bottoms and to turn people into tops. Be the change you want to see in the world!
  • Being Latin American gives you unnatural VN-making powers
  • Maybe the real shitpost was the friends we made along the way
  • Algorithm
  • All human characters are abominations (see Greta)
  • Innumerable posts about Asterius and Theseus from Hades
  • Argos is the goodest boy
  • Everyone has a smug sprite
  • "His face awash with cringe and shame"
  • Touch the cow, do it now
  • Speedrun Killigan's Treasure with no equipment to save frames
  • Etc.


What do you think of Hades? Any inspiration from it? Or any greek mythology media in general. Curious after your devlog about minoh's backstory.

I very much appreciate Supergiant Games' games, I played all of them as they came out and oh boy a month or so ago everyone on the Minoh server was playing Hades and streaming it. Full disclosure: the best weapon is the bow with Aphrodite's boon on the Special, it becomes an absolutely broken shotgun, and Supergiants' attempt at nerfing it was nothing short of a crime. Stack it with Artemis' criticals and backstab bonuses for really big numbers.

As for their take on Greek mythology, yes, we liked it a lot, but the way we enjoyed was a bit peculiar — we were often comparing it with what we have in mind for Minoh. It was a very interesting experience. Suffice it to say, yes, we all enjoyed Hades a lot. We had lots of fun with their interpretation of Asterius and Theseus, and we went mad with Logan Cunningham's voice acting. That said we couldn't take inspiration from it, what they were trying to accomplish is very different from what we are looking for. Our inspiration for Minoh came mainly from Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red, which is a wonderful book more people should read.

why did Miles say poggers

Nanoff: The intent was to have Miles say "that was nice" using modern slang that Boomer wouldn't understand and just add to his confusion. I had him say "poggers" because I underestimated how cringe saying that irl would be. Keep in mind that I'm a second language speaker that has been locked inside his apartment for 7 months talking to wonderful internet weirdos and the use of that word has been kinda normalized for me. When the comic is finished I'm considering pulling a George Lucas and editing it out, but, eh, I hope the rest of the comic is good enough that it's not such a big distraction. And, secondly, all of the characters in the comic are flawed people doing morally questionable things- Boomer is trying to push someone out of the closet for his own amusement, Joe is goading his straight friend into having gay sex just for nudes, Miles is cheating on his gf and being a dick on dating apps, and Karen is Karen. I think it's good that Miles comes off as a little cringy, I don't want to paint him or any of the characters as perfect people.


What made you want to make a game like this?

Have you heard about a young man called Geryon? That book inspired us a lot. We also talked about our inspirations here.

What character is your favourite?

Hard to pick, we like each one for different reasons.

With the exception of Asterion, Argos is generally the most fun character to write but there is an upcoming character called "Black" — it will be a while before he's in the game — who's very special to all of us.


How do you personally like Asterion and the others to look when it comes to the customization menus?

Black-furred Asterion is peak aesthetics, white is also nice because it was his original fur color. Nanoff likes the dress shirt with the handkerchief, I like the Arts shirt.

Also will Asterion become one with memes once he starts to use the internet? What type of memes do you think he would like? Boomer humor or newer humour?

He struggles to understand memes, actually! Modern humor in general puzzles him quite a bit.


Will the Fates be involved in the story?

Anything is possible if you believe hard enough!


Was it intentional for all the MC to be the same person with different career path in life? In an ideal scenario with abundant time and budget, would you make the MC from each career choice have a more stark contrast from each other with their personality, beliefs and their approach on how the hotel should be run?

Yes, that choice was intentional. Even if we had a lot more resources chances are the MC would have remained essentially the same character. We have have a very specific vision for what kind of man he should be so the story makes sense.

It may not be too apparent at this moment of the story but the MC does have a consistent and well-defined characterisation — we just don't perceive it because we see the story from his perspective. As Minotaur Hotel goes on it will be made clearer that the MC is basically a "Chad" in a humanistic way. He prefers actions over words, is capable of navigating complex social situations, has a very strong ethical and moral compass, respects people's boundaries and can comfort someone going through grief. He's someone who you could trust to write a country's constitution. His career choices do not affect the essential person he is meant to be (unless you pick Speedrunner.)

All of this is essential. One of the basic premises we want to explore is giving the player a story wherein the active pursuit of the highest ethical standard is possible. Making the MC a significantly different person based on his career choice would detract from this.

A Napkin

When the internet is up will we be able to show  Asterion google maps and do the thing when you put the tiny human on the map letting you kinda walk there?

Not in Build 0.4, but that's something we can think about for later content.


In hopes I can avoid spoilers, there's a character that your self-insert doesn't have a choice but to hate (as far as I can tell as long as you're nice to the bull). A pretty nitpicky question, but are you planning on incorporating options that reflect a nicer approach towards them? As mischievous as they are, I just can't help but like them.

Oh yes. We'll have exactly that in Build 0.5.

We are very happy that so many people like the boy you are referring to. We often joke that he's "the goodest boy." Back when we were writing the first build we had a lot of fun joking that we'd be able to make him likeable, so it feels really satisfying.


Are the Kobold characters still going to make an appearance?

Yes! They're showing up in Build 0.4.


Do you have a pace in mind for giving out the Build a Moo clothes?

NANOFF: Of course! We plan on making them available to the player in small batches so we can show Asterion's reaction to them, eg. you get a bunch of shirts available, and when you choose to have Asterion wear them he comments on what he likes about it, after that they're just part of his wardrobe. There are some new options in 0.4 I don't want to spoil, but the pacing of chapter 13 didn't really allow for much dilly-dallying with the clothes. Some of the clothes will become available through R&D or Exploration rewards though — same goes for some of the other characters. An idea I had for exploration rewards was Luke finding an abandoned cowboy hat that would boost his surveying stat but increase his danger stat — and have him walk around the hotel yelling yeehaw and doing finger guns to random guests. Customising guests like that could be fun and the gameplay systems we have right now make that possible.

 how bad has Miles had it that he couldn't see that Boomer wasn't very into him?

NANOFF: Miles has had some shitty experiences, he's got kind of an inferiority complex and is used to people treating him like a bimbo. The fact that Boomer isn't instantly ogling at him and treating him like a piece of meat is refreshing to him, even if he can tell Boomer wasn't, let's say, entirely convinced. We'll get to see more of that as the comic continues.

 How much sci fi were you planning to bring over, compared to the Quest thread that started this all?

NANOFF: Oh we will be going there. We are aware of how much whiplash some of that content might give though, so we're building up to it very slowly.

MINOANON: As nanoff said we are building up slowly. We'll see how it goes but we are confident it will be fun.

It was mentioned that Argos has taken different forms over the years, is that going to be explored in this story? I'm curious if he's a full shapeshifter, or there's a ritual to transform that takes a while. 1a. Related, is he really even his own person? Like, Asterion says something like he's the manifestation of the land and rules designed to torture him, will we get to know if that is actually the case? It's hard to tell if Argos was a being tasked with showing his devotion this way, if he was literally created to torture Asterion, or if he really is "torture personified (fursonified)" and doesn't exist beyond those rules.

MINOANON: Every generation or so has an Argos. It's always a male, always wears the same pelt, always comes from deep in the valley, always is a snake like the one we've seen. But each one is a bit different from the others. The later Argos, including the current one, are classier than the ones from olden times — they were much more incisive in their job.

There's never been two Argoses at the same time, and they do grow old. What usually happens is that after a few years, if it's made clear that the current Master isn't sending Asterion out, the Argos retreats back into the depths of the valley and disappears — presumably to live alone, age and die. Then a while after a new Master takes the wheel a new, fresh Argos comes along to tempt him all over again.

If you are curious about what I mean about the depths of the valley, that's something we haven't been able to explore just yet. The further one gets from the Hades statue in the middle of the hotel, the weirder and more dangerous the place become — and as you might guess Asterion avoided going there. So not even he knows much about Argos' origins.


Is the cruel master route even really a choice? How could anyone treat our bull so poorly?

NANOFF: I don't think the player's choices would have a lot of impact if you were railroaded into them. I balanced the R&D mechanics are in a way where, unless you have the tech background (or managed to trick Argos a second time), it's very, very difficult to complete both sidequests in time without sending Asterion to the valley. You're not punished too harshly for it, you just miss out on a stat bonus from Wi-Fi, and if Luke or Kota get the bottle for you, they're going to be injured momentarily, but the point is that abusing Asterion is the path of least resistance to get what you want.  We think it's important that we include a route that explores what happens if the player did this, there is no merit in being railroaded into doing a good thing. Even if, judging by survey responses, it seems like most players don't want to go for it — which is perfectly fine, we don't want players to feel obligated to punish Asterion just to see all the content. It's still going to be an interesting piece of writing for people that want to read it.

MINOANON: We felt like the story as a whole would be incomplete if we didn't go far enough to show that cruelty — and the pain it brings — are very real possibilities.

That said we didn't plan on making the cruel/ruthless content into a full-fledged route. What I'm about to say isn't implemented yet, it will only be in Build 0.5, but after the contents of Build 0.3 if you got the ruthless ending the game will branch off into a special chapter that concludes that version of the story.


Will Asterion get to experience playing video games like Hades?  I'm always interested in seeing how an old man like Asterion reacts to the world that evolved without him

NANOFF: We joke about an interaction where the player gives Asterion a video game CD, and he tosses it like a discus. But yeah, Asterion reacting to modern technology is always fun. You'll get to show him the internet in 0.4. The player's background determines some of the websites you visit- online bookstores, cooking tutorials, social media- also anime clips and cringe compilations. I'll leave it up to you to guess which background that last one is.


Any chance we can romance the sneaky snake? I tricked him and earned his delight with me. I very much liked that whole interaction with him. I now want to see him romancable if just because he IS so tricky and yet can enjoy being outwitted. 

MINOANON: Unfortunately no, you can't romance the snek. Our restaurant only serves beef, sir.

Also may I just add that Orc Breeding was incredibly hot... is there any chance we could have an easteregg of male pregnancy in the game? More little white bulls, anyone?

NEMO: First of all, thank you very much! It always makes me happy to hear when someone enjoys my work. As for the possibility of making more little moos, well, the contract system does seem pretty lenient when it comes to human ingenuity. Perhaps there might be a way to turn it in yours and Asterion's favor, should you get the point where you're ready to take that step together...


In which build would you say we finally  get to romance Asterion?  Will it be in Build 0.4 or 0.5 or even later? 

MINOANON: Build 0.4 and 0.5 set the stage so a romance can happen at all. Assuming it all goes according to plan we'll get the first serious bits of romance from 0.6 and onward.

Will there be any Mexican characters later on in the VN? As part Mexican myself I would like for the VN to somewhat explore the culture a bit, especially about Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  

MINOANON: Currently we don't have plans to make a Mexican character per se, mainly because nanoff and I come from Argentina and Brazil respectively, so when it came time to design the Latin American characters we focused on those two countries. That might change way down the road but for now that's the plan, unfortunately.

NANOFF: We don't have any plans for that at the moment, sorry. Like MinoAnon wrote above, we ended up going back on making Minotaur Hotel moddable because we don't want to inhibit people's creativity by putting their efforts into making MinoH character modules instead of making their own VNs. Personally, I'd love to see a furry VN set in Mexico, made by people who really understand the culture. Some of the upcoming content is set in Brazil, I hope that encourages Latin Americans to see that there's an appetite for content set in our countries.

What inspired you to create such a fantastic and basically best VN I have ever played?  

Thank you. I go into a little bit of detail about the inspirations here.

Will there be any disabled characters later on in the VN? As part of the Autism Spectrum I am interested to see how you would go on into doing that (If you do it, its ok if you don't).

MINOANON: Check Fatty Dragon's question, he asked something quite similar. But to reinforce my point here's a quote from my answer to him: "it is perfectly possible that we already have a character in the spectrum in the story, we just didn't mention it explicitly."


Any chance we can get a little merry band together with the guests? Asterion has his lyre, and Argos his flute.
While i wholly understand if there is no reconciliation between the two, admittedly it would be fun to see some changes for the better. Either way, keep up the excellent work mino team!

MINOANON: It'd be very difficult convincing Asterion to go along with that, I'm afraid. Argos would need to do a lot to make him comfortable with the idea, you know.


Any plans to add new clothes and stuff like tattoos and piercings lol

NANOFF: A lot of those are already done, we'll begin to make those available to the player throughout the VN. As for adding more? It's possible but not a priority, I think Asterion has plenty of customisation already.

since I played the good and cruel master routes I wonder if the cruel master thing can have other development like making an alliance with the snake ?

NANOFF: Hmmm we'll have to wait and see. If all goes according to plan, the cruel master route will be out on 0.5.


All right. So, i would like to know whether or not there is a new interaction system or an at least an inprovement to the current one. Also, i've seen some R&D uncertainties. In addition, i heard that the update is going to be a major one. This is something that everyone hopes is true. Thst would be it for now. If i have any more questions i'll edit this comment. Thank you very much for making this game. It helped me become a better person and what's more it made me be more conscious of the decisions that i make and the situations that i end up in. Thank you again. Looking forward to the 0.4 build release.

We remember your review, it was very nice of you to write it and it meant a lot to us.

Build 0.4 is a major update, yes, but not as major as 0.3 was. What we originally planned for 0.4 just became too big and we chose to split it into two (0.4 and 0.5). But 0.4 gives a sizeable amount of content (about 35,000 words).

Build 0.4 doesn't add any new systems, but 0.5 will. Most notably you'll be able to hang out with staff members and guests if they aren't busy at the time. R&D will also be beefed up and you'll be be able to get more guests and staff members.

Mother Queermess

Are you folks doing alright? with everything going on in the world just want to be sure you looking after yourself's  and not stressing to much about the game which is BRILLIANT and i love my boys, just want to cuddle Asterion  all day and tell him no one can ever hurt him ever again.

Thank you for asking. We are doing well! This release isn't nearly as intensive as 0.3 was, thanks to it being smaller and less complex. As with everyone else this horrible year wasn't too kind on us but we are all healthy and doing ok. Again, thank you for asking.


While the hotel is a place, it also seems to be a character as well.  Will we get to  see more of the Hotel's personality?  Does it even have it's own, or is it merely a reflection of the MC or the gods?  I too am very excited for the revelations of the new build!

Well... A way to put it is that the realm has a mind of its own. It is independent of the Master and of the gods. As the story proceeds, yes, this aspect of the realm will become more apparent and relevant.


When you write the story, do you imagine yourself as an observer or a creator? As in, do you just observe how the story progress or you decide what will happen? If we have romance scene in the future, when you read what you write, do you think of yourself as the MC or Asterion or just an obserever?

Hum... Neither describes us very well. We have a very solid idea of what the story and the characters are about, and then we all try to get as close as possible to that with our writing. This includes the MC's characterisation.

So, generally, we write while keeping some mental distance from what's going on. We don't put ourselves in Asterion's place either.

Are you worried that by introducing so many characters, you won't have enough plot for them and people will not be able to focus on all of them? Or if some will become irrelavent? 

The answer to this one is complicated. It may not seem like it but the story would not work without a supporting cast. We simply couldn't make it compelling if it was just the Asterion & MC show and some important themes would be lost.

But no, we aren't worried about the points you raise. Not everyone will have lengthy stories, but generally they'll be optional segments players can choose to explore or not. Characters A, B or C might become irrelevant in your playthrough because you focused on something else and that's fine, but for another player their story might be explored all the way.

Do you plan to add interactive CGs in the future for romance scenes?

It's on the table, yes.


Why is MinoH (currently) vanilla compared to Orc Breeding?

Well, they have very different goals. Minotaur Hotel is about a specific emotional journey while Orc Breeding is an uncompromising, intense exploration of erotica. Sometimes you're in the mood for a burger and sometimes you want pizza, you know?

Eventually Minoh might have some kinkier moments but, you know, these characters have a story and that comes first.


What sparked your love for Greek mythology?

My father used to tell me the Greek myths when I was a kid, which is a tradition that seems to have started with or before my great grandfather. The children's books I had more often than not told (very summarised and sanitised) versions of the stories as well.

Mind you, even as a kid I had a fascination for the minotaur's story! Differently from, say, Odysseus' story there's no definitive, in-depth account of Asterion's life or even of Theseus' victory over him. This means there are many gaps that my child-like imagination filled as best as it could. I always leaned on thinking about the minotaur as a tragic figure.

Since I was always immersed in these stories they hold a great deal of significance to me, and as I grew my father always pushed me to deepen my studies about culture in general. When we could we'd even go to museums together. I prefer going to museums alone but he's the one exception.

Later, when I got to college, I became more aware of how strongly Western culture as a whole is basically "expanded Athenian culture." It's also a bit haunting when one realises how today we struggle so severely with things ancient cultures had, more or less, "figured out."

Anyhow, that's it more or less. Sorry if it may have been a bit scatter shot.


Will we see any of the gods in modern form? Or possibly at all?

Are the gods still around?

Does Luke find the "one"

If you can bring him to the hotel, yes! I wonder what kind of person he is, though...

Where does Argos live and can we make him a little house and show him mortal kindness 🥺

In Build 0.5 you can be nice to him, if you want! And who knows, you might even be able to see what his home is like.

Will we get to work out with Asterion eventually? 😤

That's something I really want to throw in, we just haven't had the chance to do it with all the plot and character arc stuff going on. It's only a matter of fitting it in.


when will we have the next clothes, accessories, and tattoos for asterion and will there be any other than to show up so far.

In Build 0.4 Asterion gains a new accessory, and in 0.5 you'll be able to find more through Exploration/R&D.

Twitter Questions


for Boomer's: What inspired you to go from a shitpost to a full comic series/What inspired the characters?

NANOFF: First of all, what makes you think it's not still a shitpost?

But to answer your question, I've never drawn Boomer showing attraction to any character before I started the comic, he was just a guy walking around on shirtless on his lawn completely oblivious that thirsty gays would find him attractive. And that's kind of the joke, but I figured a story where a guy who sees himself as unattractive and past his prime meets someone that reminds him of his own value could be really cute. It's similar to Minotaur Hotel in that regard. I figured I could tell the story of Boomer meeting Miles over a couple of strips, no more than 8 or so. Then the pandemic happened, and I had a lot of time on my hands, so here we are.

As to what inspired the characters, they're just simple characters to make intergenerational humor with that just... got some character development through the situations I make for them, I guess.

Will we see Orcs in Minotaur Hotel? Will they... breed?

MINOANON: Probably not, sorry. Orc Breeding explores the eroticism of orcs better than we could in Minotaur Hotel.

Rootin' Tootin' Tubarão

How do you handle multiple feelings at once? Especially when they are conflicting

I went a bit about this on our writing manual, click here and look for "salted caramel writing".


Is the moo poggers?

Luke Wolfrunner

Is there any plan to add an other specialty to the MC? For example medicine

NANOFF: That's one of my big regrets — when I first pitched the backgrounds idea to Minoanon, I think I did mention having a medic or ex-military background or something like that, who could speed up the recovery of injured guests or help Asterion at the infirmary. Somewhere along the development process it must have slipped us, and I'm not happy with 4 out of 6 backgrounds being... academics, I'd say? I think we'd benefit from having the aforementioned medic, or hell just a random guy, have the MC be a store clerk or something. Writing the dialogue variations for the backgrounds is something I love doing and I put them everywhere, so it would take a lot of work to add another, and we'd rather focus on finishing Asterion's story.

Lan the Orc

Asterion has lived for many centuries and listened to many songs, are there any songs in particular he likes? Would he teach others how to play them?

He most likely took a liking to French music during Jean Marie's reign as master. Most masters were European so that's where most of his musical knowledge comes from too.

Before he can teach the songs, however, he'd need to reacquaint himself.


Without giving away crucial plot points or the ending, can you talk about the point of @MinoHotel? The story resonates with people. What is the core message of the game? What made you guys want to tell this story?

If I had to boil it down as much as possible... On one level I'd say that Minotaur Hotel's point is discussing the use and misuse of power in a way that gives the readers a chance to reflect on what would be ethical, what would be competent, and what would be like to strive for the highest ethical standard possible.

That's be a macroscopic take on what the story is about. But on the other side of the spectrum it's about the beauty, tragedy and value of a single life, and the pursuit of meaning amidst insurmountable odds, regardless of the cost.


are any of the characters in Mino Hotel big fans of fruit? and if so, what are their favorite kinds?

Asterion and Kota are! They are probably not picky about it.

Werewolf Enthusiast

How did you guys settle on the location of the hotel? Why a desert? No hate I'm just curious.

On one hand it came as a consequence from plot stuff we haven't touched on just yet. On the other I thought it'd be a bit eerie on its own — that Asterion's "labyrinth" has no walls, no doors, no locks, but the motif of labyrinth keeps repeating itself everywhere. The labyrinth has become something inescapable in a whole different level.

Also how did you guys settle on the designs for the human characters, seeing as they're based of that meme

We always try to make the human characters a bit "grotesque" in the sense of looking normal and naturalistic in comparison to the mythical creatures walking around. We think it makes for a nice contrast.


Dear Minoh devs, I love your work! When will we be able to recruit Argos? I think we should be friends. Also, I drew a picture of me and him! Write me back, love Roddo.

Hello Roddo. I am glad you enjoy our work. You are a very special boy and God loves you very much.

Unfortunately we can't let Argos in the hotel. His breath stinks because he eats bugs and his scales are covered in mud. His pelt hasn't been washed for ages.

He can join the hotel when he stops being a stinky.

And that's it! Thank you to everyone who sent us questions. If you have any more feel free to post them below. See you next week!

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Will there be overhauls in existing background, menu designs, and music? Sorry this question didn't come to me when i saw the Q&A post.

Yes for music. We are in the process of substituting some of the placeholder Creative Commons tracks for more appropriate licensed songs. We are trying to keep some of the old favorites though! We'll publish a more in-depth explanation about this whole thing on the release devlog tomorrow.


>Perhaps there might be a way to turn it in yours and Asterion's favor, should you get the point where you're ready to take that step together...

HOT DAMN! I literally fist pumped over this.

Am sad no sneaky snek sex and not just because I am sometimes a scalie... But this MORE than makes up for it. 

I am never gonna be happier I took the contract specialty than when we get to that final update of the game and get that. :D 

So excited for the next parts!


I didn't expect myself to get so attached. Is there any way around the limit on immortality? I don't want Asterion to be left alone again.


I've deliberated wether to ask more since I feel like I've bothered you plenty. ...Buuuuut you said to "feel free to post below" so LET'S GO.

1. Any plan or intention to make Minoh into a "brand" with multiple projects and the like, similarly to other Furry VN producers? (I'm not sure how clear are we for naming VNs/producers so I'll omit that for now) Either yes or no what does that mean for the projects already largely promoted by the MinoHotel account? Are they EVEN connected in that substantial a way?

2. Aside from the R&D & Exploration systems, did any of you expect Game Design to play a big role in the production of the VN? 

3. What kind of music if any do you listen to while working?

4. In some games once you get the guy in a romantic relationship, the scenes involving the MC and the love interest become a smutfest (not exactly a complaint just somthing I've noticed). Has the pace of the  sexual relationship between the Master and Asterion been a great concern? Or were yall satisfied with it from the get-go?

Feel free to disgard any of these. I'm grateful that you took the time to answer any of my previous questions Thanks!


It's not a problem dude, thanks a lot for your interest.

1.Any plan or intention to make Minoh into a "brand" with multiple projects and the like? Are they EVEN connected in that substantial a way?

I feel like MinoH has plenty of spin-off or prequel potential. I can imagine side stories featuring the cast of characters, or someone in the past bumping into the hotel and getting into adventures, maybe meeting some of the old Masters. But that could be creatively stagnant, not to mention it could get a little tiresome to work with the same setting for years. We can't all be Brandon Sanderson.
As for whether the other projects are connected, no, not really.

2. Did any of you expect Game Design to play a big role in the production of the VN?
Minotaur Hotel started as a quest on 4chan where Minoanon would ask other people in the thread what to do, they would reply, and he'd write the story based on what they wanted to do. There were a bunch of mysteries that were up to the posters to figure out.
That's a lot harder to do from a game design perspective. What do you do to emulate this? Give players a text input for them to type what they think is the answer? How do you validate that or reply to the infinite amount of wrong responses? Do you give them multiple choices, where they'd inevitably see the solution?

I came up with the player backgrounds as a solution for this, where it would instead boil down to a skill check of sorts. Like a pen and paper RPG. Then the other gameplay systems started emerging from there.
So yeah the moment I started implementing these systems I figured they'd become a big part of the VN because of how they can compliment the story- such as the R&D quests in 0.3, where the easiest solution to getting everything done is sending Asterion to the valley. I've always liked moments in games like Metal Gear or the old Fallout games, where there's specific lines of dialogue reacting to the player solving a quest in a creative way or having an interesting build or siding wtih a specific faction,  or messing with the game's systems to try amusing scenarios. It adds verosimilitude to the game, and rewards players' curiosity. I wanted to emulate that, it makes my day when I see people say "wait holy shit you can do that in MinoH?"

3. What kind of music if any do you listen to while working?

Podcasts and long form video essays are fantastic background noise. As for actual music, 70s hard rock, NWOBHM, jazz fusion, new wave, and prog.

4.Has the pace of the  sexual relationship between the Master and Asterion been a great concern? Or were yall satisfied with it from the get-go?

I feel like we're keeping a good pace right now and the MC and Asterion are building a relationship slowly, I don't think there's gonna be a switch where right after that it's all about sex with the minotaur 24/7. It's all going to be very gradual.

Any plan or intention to make Minoh into a "brand" with multiple projects and the like, similarly to other Furry VN producers? (I'm not sure how clear are we for naming VNs/producers so I'll omit that for now) Either yes or no what does that mean for the projects already largely promoted by the MinoHotel account? Are they EVEN connected in that substantial a way?

That's a tough question. I don't really know where to start but, eh, I guess the best place I could point is that... Speaking for myself, a writer, I spent years writing without an audience. I was off chasing my wacky ideas with little to no success, and one day I just happened to write something people really liked. Then we made a group (that's Awoo, Nemo, nanoff and I) and we turned it into a visual novel.

And, you know, that opened a whole Pandora's Box. Very quickly we had an actual audience (something which most writers don't think is ever possible in any shape or form), and... Well, each one of us has a bunch of ideas for projects, so one day I basically asked myself "would the people who like Minotaur Hotel enjoy our other wacky ideas?"

That's basically how we started publishing other projects like Boomer's Big Date and Orc Breeding. It wasn't a brand or business sort of thing, it was more like "we have an audience that likes the way we think, let's not be afraid of pushing out the fun, creative ideas we'd like to explore." In other words our modus operandi is all creativity-driven.

Take Orc Breeding for example. Nemo had written the these stories on his own and they were very well-liked by a number of people. They were not written with a commercial perspective in mind, in fact they are very uncompromising pieces of erotica with little care for a wider audience. While working on how we'd publish them on Itch we specifically chose not to tone them down in any shape or form. We could have done it and gone for a broader appeal but that'd be missing the whole point.

The same applies for Boomer's Big Date. That's nanoff's project, it's his vision, he started it as an exercise to improve himself as an artist. The whole creation process was creativity-driven.

This modus operandi goes down to how we manage these projects on the platform too. What I'm about to say isn't very evident to most but if you check Boomer or OB you'll find their URLs use nanoff's and Nemo's accounts because they are the primary admins of the projects, while this account is the secondary. This means each one of us holds ultimate control on how to manage the project.

In that sense, "Minoh Workshop" will most likely keep on publishing more projects, yes. But it won't be a brand. It'll be us chasing our wacky ideas. Some of those may have a commercial aspect (Nemo takes donations and commissions, nanoff opened a Patreon) but they are first and foremost creative explorations.

If your question was about Minotaur Hotel as a game becoming a brand, no, we don't plan on doing that either. I don't like the idea of working on sequels. I suppose if I was taken by a breath of inspiration I could see myself doing it but I'm not counting on it, I want Minotaur Hotel's ending to fully satisfactory.

Now, you mentioned that we promote some projects. I assume you mean Nerus, Pervader, Killigan's Treasure and Beyond the Harbor, which are linked on Mino Hotel's page.

So here's what happened. Back when I was tinkering with the game's page for the SFW Mode release I stumbled on how to make the little boxes that link to other games. Those are usually meant to be used in other websites to link people to Itch but it clicked with me that, you know, we could use it inside Itch too.

I did a little test run where the Minoh projects linked to each other (Mino Hotel Original and SFW, Orc Breeding and Boomer's Big Date) and we saw that it was working, people were clicking. That was nice. From that we just naturally drifted into using this to help out some of the devs we are friends with.

So... The relation we have with the projects we link boils down to "we are friends, check out their games."

Aside from the R&D & Exploration systems, did any of you expect Game Design to play a big role in the production of the VN? 

I think nanoff will want to answer this one.

What kind of music if any do you listen to while working?

Ancient music for Asterion's content, but I end up listening to more modern songs while working on other characters.

In some games once you get the guy in a romantic relationship, the scenes involving the MC and the love interest become a smutfest (not exactly a complaint just somthing I've noticed). Has the pace of the  sexual relationship between the Master and Asterion been a great concern? Or were yall satisfied with it from the get-go?

It hasn't been much of a concern, no, aside from general considerations regarding how the pacing of the game should be like.

It isn't very apparent just yet but as the story progresses we will have a thicker plot. Besides that we want Asterion's NSFW scenes to closely tie to his character development. All of this put together means this is not a story that can really devolve into a smutfest.

(1 edit) (+1)

Since it seems I have caused confusion with that first question, I'll clarify. What I meant to say as "brand" is the kind of stuff that (screw it, I'm just gonna say it) Echo Project and Wolfbite Interactive do; where they have multiple projects but it's all clearly labeled as part of "their brand", if that makes sense. 

From the replies it seems that won't be the case (?). The projects are independent and are being merely promoted by this account as opposed to being part of a clear united "brand" (sorry I keep using that, I don't what else to call it). 

I don't and didn't mean to come off as scolding whatever desicion you guys make going foward. Nor was it my intention to try to convince to commercialize this or any project. 

At any rate, I ought to let you guys rest. Thank you deeply for answering. See ya on the 19th!


No reason to worry, you didn't come across as scolding at all!




Wow, can't actually believe you guys answered ALL my questions. I'm honored and so grateful. The other answers were so insightful also, really interesting read.

I kinda feel like a dingus for only talking about writing and meta stuff of Minotaur Hotel (my favorite parts) and not talking about or praising anything else; so Imma do that real quick. Mr. Nanoff I absolutely love the way you draw genitals, I like it (better than some of my favourite artists even); Boomer's Big Date is such a hoot, I'll write a proper review (and rate it) very soon. Mr. Nemo despite my falling out with some of the sort of content in Orc Breeding, your writing manage to ...stir all the right feelings inside me.

I think I'll have a better chance to run my mouth display my feelings in the future, but for now let me say that you're all appreciated, and don't y'all forget it.

ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵐᶦⁿᵒᵃⁿᵒⁿ ᶦˢ ᵃ ᶜᵒᵗᵉʳʳᵃⁿᵉᵒ ᵏᵏᵏ


tbh talking about the meta and lore is pretty fun and I enjoy it a lot, I prefer that over pretty much everything else


That was a broad an interesting set of answers. Going to have to take a few minutes to parse through it all. Good work Minoh Team!