We Were Interviewed by Digital Diversity!

Recently we were interviewed by EnbyKaiju, the developer behind both Digital Diversity and Kaiju Noir. It was a rich and fascinating discussion where we went from talking about LGBT game development to ancient Greek poetry and swerve fatally towards an unyielding wall of horny.

A thousand thanks to EnbyKaiju for all the fun times I had answering their questions! 

Click here to read the interview.

And while we're at it, click on the image below to check Kaiju Noir!

Kaiju Noir

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This was a fantastic interview and gives insight as to what it is that I believe has drawn people into the MH together as well as a lot of other of the indie LGBT+ games to form a community that cheers and supports each other. It is so validating that we have a community to share our queer experiences that would likely never be shared through other media.

I'd say the thing that surprised me to learn is the reason behind the SFW version. It makes me realized how fortunate I am to not be in a position there simply playing MH could put my safety at risk. I appreciate having the SFW version as a stream who wants to share this amazing game without getting banned by overzealous platforms but know this makes me appreciate it even more.


It was fantastic finally getting to talk to you about Minotaur Hotel
I'd been meaning to have you on so long I knew you had to be the first for the year, haha



I read the interview. Great topics and great replies! Well thought out. I think you represented yourself and the community very well!