Build 0.6.0 Release & Changelog

Build 0.6.0 is here, and on a very special day too! Just yesterday we hit a total of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOWNLOADS, with the main version of the game accounting for 94K and the SFW Mode for 6K.

I'd say that's worthy of celebration but we'll leave it for another time. Let's give the proper spotlight to Build 0.6.0!


  • Added 6 hangout scenes for Kota, completing his route and adding 27k+ words and a new CG to the game.
  • Updated all of Kota's sprites and CGs. Added a much needed casual outfit he will occasionally change into throughout the game.
  • Updated Greta and Ismael's sprites (the old ones are still shown on the speedrunner route).
  • Added a small menu to give the option to skip Hinterlands 3 for second playthroughs, since that chapter will be a pain in the ass to skip through when replaying the game, and skip buttons for Hinterlands 2, 4 and 5.
  • Small QoL update: staff members can be selected for sidequests in the daily agenda without needing to be unassigned from teams first (this will automatically pull them out of a team if they're in one).
  • Minor edits to Robert's hangouts.
  • Fixed typos and bugs for previous builds' content.

Kota, by Alpha0

By Alpha0

How to access the new content

As previously stated, 0.6 will focus on adding side content to Minotaur Hotel, and 0.6.0 will start with Kota's hangouts. These sections become available in Chapter 14, and can be accessed by selecting to hang out with him in the daily agenda menu. The next batch of builds will introduce side content as well, so we strongly recommend keeping a save file at the beginning of the chapter in order to access each build's content more quickly.

The last section of Kota's route is the longest, and will play automatically on the last day of chapter 17 at the earliest (for character development purposes). You get some extra dialogue depending on which guests you have at the moment, so you might want to save hangout #4 for when you have your fourth guest, but make sure hangout #5 is completed by chapter 16. The skip button is your friend.

(A lot of the oddities with this setup are due to Minotaur Hotel being a work in progress, this will make more sense when the game is finished and players can do side content in any order and with more free time available).

Hinterlands Skip

If you've replayed Minotaur Hotel to get different outcomes to chapter 18, or have different characters in the hotel, or get the achievements, you have probably realized that the Hinterlands III chapter breaks the flow of the Management sessions. It is, after all, essentially a mini VN inside stuck between two Management-intense chapters.

As you may know by now, I like the idea of the game being highly replayable and there being many neat things to find, and the Hinterlands was designed with that in mind. That said, as a general game design principle I like it when players have the tools to tailor their playthroughs. I think it shows respect to the player.

And, to top it off, the discussion the Hinterlands generated was so rich that I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it succeeded in its goal. We don't have to ask for people to "please give it a chance," and we really don't have to force people to replay it when they don't want to.

Putting all of this together, very happily we arrived at the conclusion that adding a "Skip Feature" to the Hinterlands was the right choice. If you have already finished it in a previous playthrough you'll get a slightly different introduction to the Hinterlands III section that allows you to skip to the next main story chapter.

The events of the Hinterlands do have an impact on the rest of the game of course, so we couldn't just make all the choices for the player and jump to the next chapter. So, you can select what P and Storm do over the chapter from the menu: which quests you complete, how many times P and Storm hang out together, if P gives Storm his jacket, etc.

Naturally, the options available to you will be limited to what you accomplished previously in your Hinterlands playthroughs. This still gives an incentive to play around with it, at least until you crack all the mysteries.

As a little treat, this section also gives you a thermometer of your overall progress. P, who narrates it, will inform you if you've seen all there is to find.

We've also added a skip button to Hinterlands 2, 4 and 5 as well.

So, R&D projects - what happened?

Nanoff here. So, long story short, I went apeshit when writing the new R&D projects that were supposed to go into the build, and the pool scene on its own ended up being 10k words long, a lot of which turned out to be a nightmare to edit. We decided not to rush these out, they will be added to one of the next updates instead. Sorry for the inconvenience, speedo Asterion will have to wait a little more.

Without further ado, here are the download links for the build:

Download Links

What's next?

The next update, 0.6.1, will feature all of Khenbish's hangout scenes and (hopefully) R&D projects that didn't make the cut. A lot of this content is already written, and we expect to release before May. We'll announce a release date as soon as we hop on to the editing phase.


Minotaur Hotel 0.6.0 - PC 330 MB
Feb 18, 2022
Minotaur Hotel 0.6.0 - Android 314 MB
Feb 18, 2022
Minotaur Hotel 0.6.0 - Mac 296 MB
Feb 18, 2022
Minotaur Hotel 0.6.0 - Linux 302 MB
Feb 18, 2022

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This build doesn't go past chapter 18 right, just adding side content?

Yes, correct.

Thank you


I've seen too many Greta memes because her new sprite looks like she is ready to beat someone to a pulp without batting an eye.


the notepad menu is a really neat idea, and a much needed addition.




Grats on 100k downloads, all!

(1 edit)

i have a question about the skip function. what about that ultra super duper mega spoiler secret? does it not matter if you find it?


Here's the thing: in order to keep track of which sidequests the player did in the hinterlands and unlock more options on the skip menu, I'm using the achievements, which are stored on a persistent variable across all playthroughs.

The secret doesn't have an achievement attached to it (we won't reveal what role it will play in the story yet) so for now we're not including it in the skip menu.

i see, it is helpful for just checking out the new side content, but if i want a more permanent save, i might want to get that again manually.

Thank you for new version minotaur hotel looking amazing I love this great game


Absolutely loving the new Kota Sprite. Are there plans to update all character sprites in the future? 

Kota's new sprite has this new sheen to it that when compared next to other characters looks like a copy paste rather than part of the group. Although it does fit his character and his origin. 

Can't wait for the next update. I had a very fun time learning more about Kota. 


Sort of, that's a complicated question.

Right now, yeah, Kota sticks out like a sore thumb. I started from scratch with his new sprites, and to futureproof them I drew him at twice the resolution with my current style, and then downsized them. That's how I'll be doing new characters going forward.

Kota looks especially out of place when he's next to Luke, Asterion and Jean because those are the earliest sprites I did for MinoH, and back then I was working with a different version of Photoshop and using really shitty brushes. Themba, whose sprites were made in April last year for example, has crisper lineart and doesn't stand out from Kota that much.

Considering it's the lineart and shading that looks most dated, I think what I'm going to do with some of the other characters is not do a complete redraw, but more of a restoration job if that makes sense? I did this with Argos for 0.5 and I'm happy with the results. Upscale the sprites, redo the lineart, touch up some stuff here and there and downscale again. Luke is a prime candidate for this (plus he has a lot of expressions I really don't like and would like a do-over), and I might redo Asterion's main sprite's lineart for example. But the game's cast is pretty big so not doing this sparingly would be a herculean effort.

Khenbish's build is coming up... I might try this out with him...


on luke's expressions, i love his hysterical laugh. something about how over the top it is hits just right with me


That's the most recent one lmao I'm definitely keeping it intact


will there be a sex scence with my person and asterion


Eventually yes, of course.


Looking good there Kota. 🐉🍆👀

That's a really good QoL idea to have the game recall what scenes the player already played and implement them as a check box skip feature. I wish bigger game companies weren't afraid to something like this inside games (and not just companion websites or paid DLC. Or fan created save file editors) that are long and have a variety of choices in them. While it is a valid fear of developers that players will skip content that they put a lot of work into, they also have to trust their audience that he experience the content at least once. (If the players are already playing the game, that's what they're there to do.) This is seems like a very good compromise while also giving players an incentive to revisit the Hinterlands if they haven't seen something yet. It is very much having respect for your audience's time and enjoyment. I assume this is also getting ready for the Hinterlands expansion?

As always, take your time with content, we can wait patiently with blue balls. Thank you all on the team for all your hard work. I look forward to hanging out with Kota.


We designed this Skip Function while keeping the expansion in mind. When it comes out it should be easy to change it so it encompasses what we add to the game. (It helps that we already have a very solid structure for precisely what we want to add.)

And yeah... I think respecting the reader's time is important. If you don't you can turn even a well-liked and high-quality part of a story into a disliked slog. Some would say that distance (or not-excessive contact) makes the heart grow fonder.