The Gang Goes Through the McDonald's Drive Thru

As you all must know by now, I have an unhealthy fixation with Dark Souls, Bloodborne and other such doomer games from the great Nihon. So much so that I de facto created a real life covenant where furry visual novel developers can gain my favor by inserting Dark Souls references in their games.

Tonight I'm happy to announce that some fucking creature took it to such a disgusting level that I feel inadequate in my own FromSoft brainrot. I am humiliated. I feel that I failed as a game designer. And this game happens to also feature such familiar faces as Asterion from Minotaur Hotel and Killigan from Killigan's Treasure and Nerus from Nerus and Virgil from Burrows and Damian from Spirits and Levis from The Blue Cloth and Trevor from the hit Devil May Cry series and Marnie from "Various".

As such, I am contractually bound by my covenant's rule to shill this game.

This is also very convenient for us, as we never do any April Fools thing. So thanks to Harmonbozia for creating this thing.

May God help us all.

Get Minotaur Hotel


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Man, good thing they didn't go to Subway!


Anal Sex

I just got here 😶