Khenbish Update (Build 0.6.1) Release & Changelog


  • Added 6 hangout scenes for Khenbish, adding 53,000 words and a new CG to the game.
  • Added two new R&D projects: the outdoor pool and the poolside bar (24,000 words for each, accounting for all variations in dialogue).
    • Notably, if you are playing with the Speedrunner background you can get a variation for the pool project where the staff goes skinny dipping.
  • Updated Khenbish's sprites, adding new emotes and outfits.
  • New outfits for Themba and Robert worn in the pool scene.
  • Added new dialogue for the drinking game scene that plays if Khenbish's route is advanced enough.
  • Added a skip button to the flashback at the start of Chapter 16.
  • Fixed typos and bugs for previous builds' content.
  • A new version of the VIP Room has been added to the game, with content relevant to this update.

How to access the new content

As previously stated, 0.6.x builds will focus on adding side content to Minotaur Hotel. We will add chapter 19 with the release of 0.7.

Khenbish's Route

To play through Khenbish's route, you need to unlock him as a staff member first. To do so, tell Jean you want a cook on Chapter 15. You can also get Khenbish if you have the Arts background and pick the rug in chapter 16, but you won't have enough time to see all of his route by doing this.

Once you have Khenbish, select the option to hang out with him in the daily agenda menu. You'll have to do this six times to see all his content.

R&D Projects

To watch the pool and bar scenes you simply have to complete the corresponding R&D project. Note that the Bar project is only unlocked after the pool is completed, as the bar is an addition to it.

We recommend completing the projects when you have more staff members unlocked, since the scenes change according to which characters you have unlocked.

After you play the new content, please go to our forum and tell us your thoughts!

Now, what about the next update? Well, here's the plan:

Build 0.6.2

Build 0.6.2 is scheduled to come around July and will deliver the Hinterlands Expansion.

As we discussed in the Hinterlands Postmortem, we had a handful more ideas for events in the Hinterlands which had to be cut for the sake of getting the game out on time. These were some of our juicier ideas, in the sense that they add a lot to the story of the Hinterlands and its characters, but they were also some of the most literary.

Seeing the extremely positive reaction to the Hinterlands, however, convinced us to go back and add these pieces of cut content. Five events will be added with the expansion:

  • Return to the Colonel's Estate: You'll be able to go back to the Colonel's Estate after burying the mortal remains of the tapirs to learn more about the widow, the colonel and the past of the Hinterlands.
  • September 7th Parade: The last day in the Hinterlands, September 7th, is a holiday and as customary there is a little parade going on in the Town Plaza. Storm has never been to it, so you can go there and have a sweet moment.
  • The Cave: By the Pond there is a cave that got blocked by falling salt rocks about twenty years ago. It's known that this cave was used by the Hinterland natives as a burial site. Maybe you can figure out how to get inside?
  • "The Whorehouse": Because no visit to the Hinterlands is complete without witnessing its most prominent place of entertainment, and...
  • The Old Cemetery: Neither is a magical realism story complete without visiting the abandoned cemetery by the flooded town!

We are still figuring out the details, but most likely some of these locations will be reserved for a second playthrough only. More specifically, you'll need to finish the Hinterlands at least once and fulfill another condition. Only then, on your next playthrough, will some of those events become available. This is because they were designed as a literary equivalent of a "harder, bonus level" for those who were really into the Hinterlands. They assume the player has experienced the most "advanced" pieces of content the Hinterlands has to offer.

That is to say, if you like the "Base Hinterlands" and want to dive deeper into its mystery, you'll most likely love this "Hinterlands+". But if you didn't care much for it, it won't really affect things for you. Neither will this affect anyone's first playthrough.

The exception is the September 7th Parade event, which will be added to Base Hinterlands because it serves as an emotional capstone to Oscar and Pedro's relation. This is something that anyone who likes Oscar should be into.

This is it for now! I hope you enjoy the new content!

EDIT: We released a hotfix addressing a small bug found by M3tav0X in the forum, another found by Orphy3005 (thank you both), and adding the full Epinikion at the end of Khenbish's route.

EDIT 2: Ok so caused a pretty big bug when saving the game between picking your background and entering the VIP room or starting chapter 1 proper, I rolled out a that fixes it, but unless you plan on saving right there it's not necessary. If you encountered the error downloading this version will fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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So I have a question : Is chapter 18 the end of the game or we still have many chapters to come ? 

We have more to come! Everything up to Chapter 18 makes up about two thirds of the story, so there's more to go through. For now we are focusing on the side content, however.

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Thank you so much for new public update I love it great work looking forward to the new version Build 0.6.2 

damn, way to spoil hinterlands in the last two sentences

can’t wait to play the update! khenbish best boi


What is it you consider spoiler-ish, specifically?

Deleted 10 days ago

Oh well. I assume that people reading the devlog already played the game at least once. A fresh player usually just jumps right in.


eh, they are just name drops. chances are you'd just be confused about who they are. these are the kind of spoilers you might only spot if you already know. besides, they could be julian and carlos or any other names and it wouldn't make a difference. because there isn't a specific meaning to their names, like it is for another character.

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fair? i guess you could pick up on that with context from the rest of the post, but i think it's just me knowing the story

i think me bringing it up makes it more of a spoiler, so i'll delete the initial comment :>