FIFO Available for Purchase!

Today I want to bring to your attention a project I've been following along for a good while now. Some of you may know it already, perhaps even read it, and if you did then even more of a reason to pay attention.

This project is Brokowski's FIFO, a comic that has seen quite a lot of critical success in the furry community — which is now available as a physical book. I had the honor of being invited to write a foreword to it, and I'm overjoyed to have even such a small contribution to it, and that is why I am writing this devlog in the first place.

FIFO work is not for the faint of heart. Long hours in remote locations, caked with red dirt, and 40°C+ heat. Forever being pulled from home and floating back to a world that moves on without you.
Certainly not a delicate environment.
Logan is a closeted and conflicted dog who works in Fly-In-Fly-Out mine sites. He and the men around him struggle with the foibles and anxieties of trying to find connection in an isolating place. After some no-strings sex with one co-worker, the intervention of another forces Logan to have to start thinking longer and harder about how he relates to the men around him.
Can "just helping a buddy out" lead to anything else?
Is Logan, or anyone he knows, ready for that?
FIFO: A comic-dramatic exploration of perceptions of identity and behaviour among rural Australian men that have sex with each other.

You can pre-order it online by clicking here or, if you are in AnthroCon you can buy it over there!

If you'd like to check it out before committing it is available for free on Itch, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this work is worthy of your money, particularly if you are attending AnthroCon.

That's it! We should post news about Build 0.6.2 soon, by the way. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for posting the link. I was wondering how it all ended and now I it! He did a great job and thank you for helping him.