The Feathered Line (Build 0.6.2) Release & Changelog

Art by dilukha (@nyaalgebra)

It's time for you to draw your own conclusions on The Feathered Line.


  • Added 5 new events to the Hinterlands III chapter, some found in old locations if the right circumstances are met, some found in new locations.
  • All of P and Storm's sprites have been completely redrawn.
  • Small changes in dialogue throughout Hinterlands 3.
  • Rewritten segments for the "The Anthill".
  • Added sprites for Ms. Piedade and backgrounds for the Colonel's mansion.
  • Added the option to restore Asterion's clothes after the end of the poolside bar project.
  • Added a notification whenever a new file is added.
  • Shuffled around some files to the new 'other' category, so the Mementos section is less crowded.
  • Fixed small bugs and typos in previous build's content.

Normally we'd just give a few lines of guidance on how to access any new content we publish, but this time getting there is tricky enough to warrant a full set of instructions. This should save and respect everyone's time.

How to Access the Hinterlands Expansion

First of all, three out of five locations will only become available after you have unlocked the two achievements called "The Tale of Argos and Io" AND "Shedding a Light". To do so you must complete Hinterlands 5and visit "The Shed" in at least one of your playthroughs. If you visited it before, sadly, you will have to do it again in order to trigger the achievement.

(For the record, accessing "The Parade" and "Return to the Colonel's Estate" does not require following the instructions below, as they are now part of the base Hinterlands.)

In case you need and want precise instructions on how to do that, just click on "Instructions" below.

Instructions for "Shedding a Light"
  1. Complete the Skinless God's quest. To do so you must first visit the Salt Plains, then Flooded Town and then return to the Salt Plains to complete the quest.
  2. Afterwards, visit The Pond (it's right in the middle of the map, by the Salt Plains) and pick "Investigate the path." This will lead P to "The Shed".
  3. You should get the achievement, which makes it so the Hinterlands Expansion content can show up. You only need to do this once, there's no need to repeat these steps every time you want to access the Expansion's content. If you want you can even restart the Hinterlands at that moment so you have more time to explore.
  4. If you already visited the Shed in a previous playthrough, please do it again so you will unlock the achievement. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you go to "Settings" and enable "Skip unseen text" you can quickly skip through 
Instructions for "The Tale of Argos and Io"

Complete Hinterlands 5, which is the section where Pedro and Oscar visit the beach. It happens right before Chapter 18.

Now that you have the achievements, here's the list of events this update adds. Likewise, you can get a precise set of instructions for each one of them by checking the drop down instructions.

"The Parade": It's Independence Day and everyone in the whole hinterlands is going to the parade in Drowned Tapir.


Visit the Town Plaza during the last day of the Hinterlands, September 7th. This event does not require the two achievements mentioned above.

"Return to the Colonel's Estate": You buried the tapirs' bones, but nothing happened. Maybe you should have a word with the colonel's widow — at the very least to inform her everything went well. 


After finishing the quest Nini gave you (visit the Tailor to get new clothes for Storm, go to the Colonel's Estate, the Flooded Town and then the Memorial of the 12)  return to the Colonel's Estate for a conversation with the widow. This event does not require the two achievements mentioned above.

"The Cave": Decades ago, one of the Hinterlands' most famous touristic attractions was a cave full of salt crystals, once used by natives for their funerary rites. But one day the cliff wall collapsed, blocking its entrance with salt boulders.


After returning the pelt to the Skinless God, visit the Pond and pick the option "Explore the cave." You must have the two achievements for this event to become available.

"The Whorehouse": Mother Mary's Cabaret (or some would say "whorehouse") is the Hinterlands' finest place of heterosexual recreation and no visit to Drowned Tapir is complete without it.


You can unlock this location in two different ways. You can either visit the Second Church, or you can complete the "Return to the Colonel's Estate" event described two paragraphs above. You must have the two achievements for this event to become available.

"The Cemetery": No magical realism adventure is complete without a visit to the spooky cemetery.


Like the Whorehouse, you can unlock it in more than one way. You can either visit P's Family Home (go to the Tailor and donate some of your clothes to Storm, then visit "Storm's Home" in Bloody Goat, then visit "P's Family Home" in Drowned Tapir) or read the Non-Fiction section in the Library (self-explanatory). However, once you are there you will see that there is a puzzle to accessing the closed-off wing of the Cemetery — you will have to figure that one out for yourself.

You must have the two achievements for this event to become available.

The "Anthill" events have also been revamped. Knowing that very few of you know how to even unlock that it's probably good if I spell it out here.

"The Anthill": The hinterlands' main youth recreation.


Becomes available if at the start of the game you picked "Speedrunner" as your background. The MC's stupidity infects P and pushes him to make questionable decisions. You can visit the Anthill multiple times in a playthrough (up to 7) for unique scenes.

Anticipating people might want to discuss this update and help each other out, we took the initiative to create a general thread for it. Feel free to use it, if pleases you.

Next Build

The next build of Minotaur Hotel will CONTINUE THE MAIN STORY BY ADDING CHAPTERS 19 AND 20. We are far from being able to announce a release date, the content is only about halfway written, but stay tuned.

As a farewell for now, a final gift:

Art by @GigaSaddle

That's all. Have fun returning to the Hinterlands, detective. 


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Oct 13, 2022
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Oct 13, 2022
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Oct 13, 2022

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Loving P's and Storm's new sprites! Hope Asterion and Luke get a touch up!


So, this update is fully for hinterlands?




This is weird but i replayed chapter 18 but did u guys update the game? i was surprised that the MC punched "it" instead of asterion... is this a new update or just some kind of possibility that may occur due to my choices in hinterlands?


That was always a possibility since Build 0.5 came out. If you figured who "he" is then the MC punches him.


This update was a blast to explore! Trying to find every way that the cemetery can play out kept me entertained for longer than I want to admit though


Oh gods, I think Speedrunner might actually kill me. In a good way. (send help)


Not even the year?


It'll be out when it's ready.