Achievements and Lore Drops Bugfix: Build


We received reports of issues with the achievements and loot drops introduced with The Feathered Line so we are pushing out this update that fixes things. Namely:

  • Wrong achievement description for "Purification".
  • Fixed the 'This Darkened Earth" achievement. Originally we were not going to tell how to get it, but seeing how things went here it is:

You must visit all Hinterlands locations across your playthroughs. This includes the Expansion locations. You do not need to visit The Anthill (which is exclusive to Speedrunner players).

  • Made it so the "Other" category of lore drops now appears in the main menu as soon as an old save with the category enabled is loaded. Previously it was not showing up for everyone, making it impossible to check all the lore drops you gained in the Hinterlands.

Sorry for the inconvenience! This goes in particular to everyone who scoured the Hinterlands for this last achievement and couldn't find it. This was particularly sad considering this achievement does have some neat things in its description once you unlock it.

Have a good day!


Minotaur Hotel - PC 352 MB
Oct 24, 2022
Minotaur Hotel - Android 333 MB
Oct 24, 2022
Minotaur Hotel - Mac 318 MB
Oct 24, 2022
Minotaur Hotel - Linux 322 MB
Oct 24, 2022

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Correction, you DO have to visit the Anthill as well to get the This Darkened Earth achievement! I visited all the regular locations over and over again, and nothing happened. Then I loaded an old save file with the Speedrunner route, visited the Anthill once, and the achievement popped up!

I am playing on android and exceptions keep occurring, especially when I want to save or load the game. Can I do anything about that?

Still unable to unlock the 'This Darkened Earth" achievement, I have made sure to visit all locations many times now.

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I belive all the locations will be:

Big Map:

Salt plains, Flooded town, Archeological site, Bus stop, Pond, Storm's home, Old cemetery, Memorial of the 12 and of cause The Anthill.

Small Map:

Colonel Estate, Library, Second Church, Town plaza, Tailor, P's home, Whorehouse

Yes, I visited all of the above again, since the new patch and still didn't unlock. I started a new playthrough today to try it again.


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Oh, awesome. No need to worry though, new updates are bound to have some bugs, and your project is more ambitious with the technical stuff than most VNs