Bugfix: Build


As some of you may have noticed, Build had a game-breaking bug. Sadly nanoff wasn't available and we had to wait a while before we could push out a fix, but it's here now.


  • Fixed a critical bug that broke saves made after/during Hinterlands III
  • Made sure the This Darkened Earth achievement doesn't require the anthill

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs on our forum. If you have any issue, please start a thread and inform us. Have fun!


Minotaur Hotel - PC 352 MB
10 days ago
Minotaur Hotel - Android 333 MB
10 days ago
Minotaur Hotel - Mac 318 MB
10 days ago
Minotaur Hotel - Linux 322 MB
10 days ago

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This game is literally the Paper Mario TTYD of Visual Novels. I don't think I have to expand any, 10/10 Thx !