Build 0.5 Release & Changelog

After a year of work, 0.5 is out! It's our biggest update yet!

Before you begin, a couple things:

  1. Take your time. It took the QA testers over a week to go through all the content. There's a lot to get through and you're definitely not going to be able to see everything new on one playthrough.
  2. We're sorry to inform that Android saves will probably not carry over with this new update, since the old .keystor was lost when jumping to a new computer.


  • Added Chapters 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 to continue the main story. These will introduce new guests, deepen the relationship between the main character and Asterion, and reveal more about the hotel and its mysteries.
  • Added Hinterlands Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5. These continue the story of P and Storm and tie them to the main plot.
  • Added the continuation and conclusion of the ruthless route, with four endings in total. We know a lot of players don't want to hurt Asterion in order to see this content, but it has some of the game's strongest writing and it's worth checking out for those brave enough.
  • Introduction chapters for new characters: Robert, Wolf, Khenbish and Themba.
  • Introducing the daily agenda system: the player can choose what to do with his day on top of managing the staff and customizing Asterion's appearance.
  • The daily agenda currently has five activities: spending time with staff, chatting with Robert, helping Asterion out with a personal project, managing assets with Themba to obtain raw materials, and cooking with Khenbish to temporary buff other staff members.
  • Added side route content for Luke. We will be adding side content for the other characters later, this is a proof of concept to show how the route systems will work.
  • Added new R&D projects and Exploration rewards.
  • Considering all the new side content (and the usual branching paths) we've added an achievement screen to the main menu unlocked after finishing the current build's content to encourage replayability.
    • We added an unlockable to reward players who reach 85% achievement completion. This is a proof of concept of sorts, down the road we plan on adding similar unlockables for getting specific achievements.
  • Added 20+ new songs, some originals and some licensed.
  • Also added a music menu on the title screen to listen to the game's songs.
  • P's sprites have been redrawn to improve anatomy and shading.
  • Asterion's sprites have also been revamped to make him more expressive and improve fur shading. A plethora of new customization options have also been added.
  • The medallion and tech and speedrunnner modern clothes have been redesigned.
  • Storm's front facing sprites have also been redrawn for better anatomy and to add new clothes and expressions.
  • Argos' sprites have had their expressions and lineart redrawn. He has new sprites for the new content, and for playing the flute on previous builds' content.
  • Some of Luke's sprites have been redrawn. He has new expressions.
  • Minor tweaks in the previous builds' content such as fixing typos, adding sound effects, polishing sprite animations.
  • Can now drag and drop staff members in the team management screen.
  • Tooltips have been improved. The team screen in the pause menu now displays accumulated stats for the math background.
  • The scrolls in the textbox no longer reset with every new block of dialogue.
  • Save files will now have small icons next to the chapter indicating player background, chosen lounge manager and other choices.

Without further ado, here's the game:

Download Links

On the subject of Build 0.6

First of all, 0.5 took a lot out of us, and we need a break. PLEASE don't start "when's 0.6 coming?" topics on the forums. We've been transparent about the game's development this entire time — we'll let you know when we resume writing, and what the intended scope of the next build will be.

That said, 0.5 took this long to make because we needed a minimum amount of content to get the systems to work, and to get the story up to a certain point all in one go — we pinky promise we will never make an update this big again, it's smaller builds from here on out. The wait for 0.6 will be much shorter, and it is very likely that before putting out an 0.6 to continue the story, we'll put out small updates adding stuff like side character routes (like the scenes with Luke that are already in 0.5), or more R&D and exploration rewards. We playtested the shit out of this build, but we might need to put out small updates with bugfixes, too.

We expect the forum and the wiki will get a lot more activity after this update — make sure to check those out. Hope you all enjoy 0.5, and thank you for your patience!


MinotaurHotel 0.5 - Windows 328 MB
Aug 20, 2021
Minotaur Hotel 0.5 - Android 312 MB
Aug 20, 2021
Minotaur Hotel 0.5 - Mac 294 MB
Aug 20, 2021
Minotaur Hotel 0.5 - Linux 300 MB
Aug 20, 2021

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Tried doing the ruthless route and couldnt get past sending asterion out to see argos :(

Im interested to see more content but i cant make myself play like that lol



I feel rather silly, I'm on the mobile version, where does one select what you, the PC will be doing for the day for Days 14-ect? I can't seem to figure it out


can you romance other characters or just asterion?


Just Asterion, but you'll be able to play matchmaker with other characters in future versions of the game.

And I had to much fun making him Mooing o//o;


I cannot overstate how well written and polished this game is! Keep up the amazing work~

(2 edits) (+2)

Hi, I'm having an issue with the update. I'm on Android. I've un-installed the old version, but beforehand I backed up my saves and ported them into the new save folder. When I load a save, it's giving me a message: "'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'Fragment'".

I did the same thing for my boyfriend and his game works fine. We're both on Samsung S7s so it shouldn't be a hardware thing. It gives that error message (or a similar one) for every save I have. I'm stumped :/


Hi lognn. Are these saves from 0.4.1? If not, keep in mind that we made a pretty big revamp to the game's code on that version and saves from 0.4 and back will get errors all the time. 

It shouldn't take long to start a fresh save and skip to the new content in any case. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


this update is SO WORTH IT!!




I just slowly binged this for 18 straight hours and I do not regret it


I would greatly hate seeing Asterion hurt, but I have no doubt the writing is good. And having four endings dedicated to just being evil, at least that makes it seem like a mercifully short route


AHHH WHY MUST I HURT ASTERION HE'S MY PRECIOUS BABY BUT I WANT TO SEE ALL THE ENDINGS. curse you for making me do this but bless you for making this novel!

Oh damn apparently I cant load back my save files on mac too :o

are the new R&D projects just from sending people there every day or will i know when i have to work on them


If you keep sending people to R&D or exploration you'll start getting more rewards and projects. 

R&D now lets you select whether you want to spend your accumulated research on completing a project of your choice, or to keep researching and save it for something else. 


Can someone help me? I have downloaded the game, but it won't install. I'm on Android.

Android 10 to be precise.

Some people are having this sort of issue. We don't know exactly what's causing it but it seems that you can solve it by uninstalling previous versions of Mino Hotel from your device, if you have any.

Sounds like maybe your app is generated with the same package name, but a different signing key? That would cause a conflict which triggers an error when attempting to install. It's a safety feature to prevent malicious apps from 'overwriting' legitimate apps.

That's exactly what happened.

nanoff's computer unceremoniously died earlier this year and we lost the signing key, so we were forced to make another one. Thank you for telling us this, it explains what's happening.

You might have already found solutions for this problem now, but I'd like to mention that you can create a copy of the keystone file and keep it in several places. My previous workplace had it checked into git & on two separate USB drives. :)


Damn this is amazing!




Thanks a zillion I will go and play it now I'm so excited!!!!!

Thank you for your support Jodie.


You welcome, the work you do is fantastic 💕♥️


What a nice birthday gift! :3


Holy s h i t that's a lot of effort and work, I'm hyped to play!


Is there any way 2 support you? Can't find any >_>


Cool, but when's 0.6 coming? 😏


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