Progress Report & Call for Input

Hello, everyone.

I hope you are doing well during these trying times. Our team is ok, despite quite a few tense moments back when countries were closing borders. Now we are hard at work trying to get Build 0.3 out as soon as possible, as we believe a little bit of cheering up is what people in general need right now.

To be precise, however, we are trying to get Build 0.3 out ASAP without compromising quality. And since that's taking a while we figured it'd be good to post a progress report so people know how it's going. And after that we will have a call for input — that is, a few questions you can answer to help us make content for the next build.

Progress Report

For starters... why is it taking longer than expected?

First and foremost because back in January and February I had a rough health patch alongside starting a new job. Unsurprisingly that crashed my productivity. But it's in the past, we aren't here for a pity party or anything.

Now, the second reason is still relevant: it's because Build 0.3 has a lot of variation to account for previous player choices — how you've treated Asterion so far and whether you sent him to the valley or not, who is leading the lounge, which background you picked. And that takes time, that's just how it goes.

Suffice it to say, we are trying to pack this thing with a fat load of content.

And what's going to be in Build 0.3?

Build 0.3 is going to be our biggest one yet in terms of word count. It will have Chapters 8 to 11 in their entirety — unlike Build 0.1, which ended early if you sent Asterion to the valley. Without going into too much detail, this chunk of the story will have the our capable main character interacting with the first batch of guests, bringing Internet to the hotel and exploring the valley. Most notably, a chunk of that will be accomplished by managing the hotel's growing staff into doing certain tasks.

Now, there is a twist here. If this was accomplished through your usual dialogue choices then we could reasonably well predict all possible outcomes and account for all of them. But from now on this guest management portion of the game will be a largely dynamic system, in which you can either do badly, well or particularly well.

So, from Build 0.3 onwards you'll be able to gain additional rewards by managing well your guests. Those "loot drops" will largely be items that reveal Asterion's and the labyrinth's history. In turn this will enable new interactions that can have a permanent and positive effect on him. Additionally from Build 0.4 and onwards you'll also be able to unlock new accessories for him.

Our goal with this is that, in the long run, it will make each playthrough unique, and Asterion as a character will be different in relevant ways depending on how it goes. To give a more palpable example, after all is said and done he will be a different person if you unraveled his family's history in Playthrough A, and slightly different if in Playthrough B you focus on figuring out everything there is to know about the gods.

Let's check how that should look like...

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little peek.

Now, for this to work we need to have a sizeable backlog of items you can find in-game, right? And... ok, here it goes.

Let's talk about word count.

So, for this all to make sense let's start with how long the previous builds were.

BuildWords before codeWords with code

(The ~ means "approximately" and "k" means "thousand".)

Build 0.3 is more complicated. Right now its script is at 34k words, largely before adding in code — and we are not done yet. It is quite possible that the finished script will be around or surpass 50k words before code is added.

And to top it all off... So, I talked about sending people to the valley to find items which reveal a bit about Asterion's past. And I said we need a backlog of stuff.

Here's the deal: at this moment we have about 14k words worth of content written out on that front, making a total of about 40 items a player will be able to find in-game.

So, didn't I just say we might arrive at 50k words? That's on the script alone, because if we count the item backlog we are already beyond 48k words. That's a novel worth of writing packed into a single content update!

Cool stuff, right?

But we don't know yet just how many of these items will be available on Build 0.3. A few of them are, let's say, late-game and very spoiler-ish — so we probably won't put those in-game just yet. About the other ones, while the player coudl find these items, you won't have too many chances just yet in a single playthrough. At first this pushed us to only making a small number of them available in the game this time around, but...

If we make a good chunk of them available this early on, that would give it more of an incentive to replay the game, wouldn't it? If you are invested in the story and want to know more then you can dive in. And that's something we want to allow, naturally.

In conclusion, depending on how this goes Build 0.3 could end up almost doubling the word count of Minotaur Hotel! Neat, huh?

What's the release date?

As I said, we want to release the game ASAP without compromising quality. We are getting closer and closer, but I don't want to pick a date just yet because, right now, we are at that sweet spot where things are flowing quickly without being hurried... Plus we really are packing this build with content, and we don't want to release it before everything we want is in.

As the next chunks of content get ready and implemented in-game you can expect to hear us about a release date.

Oh, but before you leave there is the...

Call for Input

For those who didn't participate on our previous calls for input, we will ask a few questions and your answers will help us make content for the next build of Minotaur Hotel. You don't have to answer all of them — pick the ones you have something to say

1. During Build 0.3 Asterion will take a minute to properly teach the good master how to summon objects — how to do it and what are the limitations. Here you will have the chance to summon a gift to him. We need suggestions on what this gift can be.
The gift ideally has to fit the following criteria:
  • It should be something that can be worn independently of wearing a shirt. (No brooches/lapel pins.)
  • It cannot be a hat.
  • It must not be already available in-game (you can see all available accessories in the VIP Room).
  • It must not involve tattooing or piercing Asterion (it can't be nose/nipple rings).
  • It can't be modern technology — ideally it should be something which could be produced during the 1940s.
What do you suggest? Feel free to post pictures.

2. If you sent Asterion out to the valley, what were your motivations to do so? Right now we have identified a few of the main reasons why people did it. The player might:
  • have believed Argos, and assumed nothing bad would happen.
  • have realized something bad could happen, but figured sending Asterion out was ultimately  for the best because it would get them the mirror with no strings attached.
  • have been curious to know what would happen.
  • enjoy sadism.
If you sent Asterion out to the valley, do any of those options describe your situation? Would you suggest a fifth option?

3. What would you, personally, like to tell Asterion? Is there something you'd like to do for him?
This is an open-ended question so we can make our little list of ideas for future interactions with him. You can be creative here.

As a final point... If you have any feedback you'd like to add about Build 0.2.5, this is the last chance for it.

This is it for now — hope to have more news about Build 0.3 soon!

Get Minotaur Hotel


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I just wanted to say that this isn't my usual thing, but the writing and art are fantastic and seriously Asterion pulls at my heartstrings so much I just wanna see him happy so bad...

1. As for a gift though, what about a white asphodel flower?  Something he can wear behind his ear or in a lapel, something to remind him of the better times and of his sister?

2. I couldn't bring myself to send him out to the valley on my first playthrough. I just couldn't. On my second playthrough, I sent him out to see if Argos was being honest, and I immediately regretted it, so I went back. I honestly don't think any explanation to Asterion will reassure him after he begged you not to send him out and you ignore him. That type of trauma won't heal fast, if ever. But I understand this is a fantasy game, and maybe a sincere apology to Asterion explaining you didn't think anything bad would happen might be a start?

3. I'm not sure what I'd like to say to Asterion, except what we've already said (we won't hurt him or force him to do something he doesn't want). Maybe try to reinforce to him that we see him as an equal in all respects? And... I think we should dance with him, have a moment of shared vulnerability to show him we aren't infallible

I understand 0.3 will be out Soon(tm) and this feedback won't make it into that build, but hopefully it will shape future updates!


Love the asphodel flower idea, that's really sweet
We already settled on three accessories for build 0.3 (like you say we're getting there, so close!) but this thread has some really solid ideas, I'll heavily consider adding a lot of these that later on

1) I though about a horn ring, but actually it can be horn anything. Like some piece of jewelry for horns?
2)It doesn't really makes sense to me that he fears the valley so much. I mean, he suffered for so long, he doesn't care about pain anymore, what worse thing can there be that he fears it so much?!
3) Snuggles... But I would enjoy scaring him, then saying I was joking and reassuring that he doesn't have to fear his master.
as for ideas/feedback:
a) Again, it would be cool if we explored more possibilities of the hotel owner. What can he actually do. Why can't he just spawn or substitute artifacts? Why can't he force the hotel to work with new technology? Why he has to walk instead of just creating doors that lead wherever he wants?
b) Why does new owner has to obey old rules? Like, if you set up rules, why can't you change them? What if one of the owners sets a rule that nobody can set up rules? Or at least that you have to whip Asternion once a day, or send him to the valley? Maybe set up a set of ultimate rules, like constitution, and then other rules, that can be amended?

(1 edit) (+1)

1) I would suggest a ring. First of all, ring is one of the oldest forms of jewelry and by itself doesn’t mean much, so Asterion shouldn’t perceive it as too intrusive or insensitivity personal, especially if his relationship with PC still a bit rocky. That said, rings hold a lot of symbolism that can be used as their relationship progresses. There is signet ring, that signifies authority and transfer of authority (PC is the Master of the Hotel, so by giving ring to Asterion, he would grant him sort of blessing to freely use and act upon this authority for the betterment of the Hotel). Then it can be viewed as a magical protection ring, a kind of promise to protect minotaur and keep him out of harm’s way. And of course, the most popular ring, the engagement one, a promise of love and fidelity, although PC and Asterion are clearly not there yet, it can in time evolve to be an engagement ring. Cons: ring would probably clash with biker gloves.

2) Not when I played first time – the very thought of going into Velley put him in distress, so I didn’t force him do anything, that he didn’t want to. But eventually, on third of fourth playthough, when I was exploring all outcomes, I did send Asterion there, although at time I didn’t expect anything too serious to happen. So, I suppose, it’s a mixture of all of four options with “have been curious to know what would happen” and “have realized something bad could happen, but figured sending Asterion out was ultimately for the best because it would get them the mirror with no strings attached” being most prominent.

3) Personally I would like to give him a break. I mean, a huge pile of new people, information and events been dumped on his head and he probably needs some breathing room and time to process it all. That said, I would also like him come out of the closet. Literally. He currently resided in over-glorified pantry and he needs proper bedroom with proper bed at least until he moves in with PC. Plus, it will give him some personal space.

1.) A book on history, I think would be best Asterion is a very curious person and I feel like he'd love to know how the world has changed in a more detailed form

2.) N/A

3.) Honestly I would just give the moo a hug I feel like he needs one


1) I would try to summon something of import to him, either something he's lost and couldn't find again, or something he couldn't get himself.

2) Before 'future knowledge', my response was always 'Hell no! Leave the littel moo alone!'. With future knowledge, however, my response would be to apologise to Asterion, but inform him that by doing this, we get the mirror, and he doesn't have to go out again.

3a) If there was one thing I could tell Asterion, it would be simply this. 'I do so swear, by blood, by soul, and by my very flesh, that I will not knowingly, willingly, or actively seek malicious actions against you and all you hold dear.'

3b) If there was one thing I could 'do' for Asterion, it would be to try and give him some form of freedom, while keeping him, his wishes, and his dreams in mind. Maybe a way to safeguard his wine, or have  a personal 'pool' of wine, similar to a medieval 'bath', that he could access at any point in time. Maybe a freedom from orders that last more than 24hrs without further input from his master(To prevent what we walked in on in the first place). Perhaps a way to 'cancel' his current master if they go beyond a certain point? Regardless, so long as it was for Asterion's benefit, I could do a fair few things.


Rio de Janeiro, April 4th 2020

I think that most of the Hotels have a pool. So I am imagining giving him some bath clothes and so opening the pool for the guests. In a future part of the story. (Not that I think it is really a real gift for him.)

Maybe some special hoof shoes or sandals to not wake me up again. (I am just used to sleep 9 to 11 hours a day that less than it make me tired during the day.)

In other way I think about give some in a point of the story where they both are together give a adult gift. To use in private moments. 8p

About imagining things, if have rooms you could go and have access like a office (with books and notes about the hotel and guests in it), mino's room (with his stuff and gifts you could give him in special moments of the story. Like a bull sculpture in wood, gold or something else... and maybe a extra bed for Argos "Heheh") or treasure room (where you could find some art, sculptures and stuff with its story to read.).

In place of just check the menu and click in button to check it. Just ideas in my mind.

Back to the gift. Could be a special wine.

 . . .

Could in a future send mino to the valley in a secret mission while calling the Argos into the Hotel pretending something for him. While the mino search for the heart of the hotel in case of it be lost again for Argos. Maybe teach Argos to be a good creature. After years bad people can become good people why not some creatures that live for centuries and thousand of years can't too. No that it going to be easy. (and put both in the same room after that. Heheh To share the same gifts.

(2 edits) (+1)


About send out if in a simple way. After do it we could cry... or maybe hide the cry and cry night after night until the mino find it. SO the romance could continue in a little later way. So doing the bed the mino could find out the pillow wet in tears of something like than.

After hire Argos in the hotel, could do a contract to be tortured (and not dieing been protected to die by the maze while it) in the place of the mino and for each day been tortured we would not get old and the mino would have a day free. But they would keep it in secret from the mino until a never far end of the story. He would be able to go out for free sometimes and maybe findout why. But we could just say to him not go in the Argos room (that is soundproof) in the day we choose to be tortured.

The Hotel owner wouldn't age during time while he is recovering from the torture. (Hope it not take months or years lol)

Just think about risk of me lost sanity after 1st time been tortured.

Maybe the minotaur going to save me from it or even from Argos breaking the maze curse?

(1 edit) (+2)

Ooooh can I give him a Claddagh ring? Love the moo defiantly would promise to love, honor and cherish him.


I actually looked into Claddagh rings for a different asset way later down the line but it's a good suggestion otherwise


1. Would it be possible to conjure up a picture frame of the hotel in it's prime?

2. I would never do that.

3. can't think small brain


1.  I honestly don't know what limits are you considering for the item summoning ability, but as I am myself quite familiar with such topics I'd consider asking Asterion to focus on his happiest memories and then materializing them in form of a book, or an album. He could constantly carry it on his belt or maybe on a chain.  And then, at some point of the story you could have a peek in it and see that the last page is "yourself standing in the doors of the dark storage room".

Or maybe just this:

It's a jasper seal with cretan hieroglyphs.

2. At first I sent him out because I didn't believe Asterion that the torment he received from Argos was worse than eighty years alone in a locker with a half of your face blown away. I  reloaded immidiately and kept him safe the next time. Though I'll have to admit that I'd play the sadistic route when it's a bit more developed (out of sheer curiosity).


1.Food. more precisely pooridge

2. I belived argos will do nothing bad

3.Ask him about past employees

(2 edits) (+2)

For the Asterion gifts, three things come to mind. One is from the modern day; a sweatband. I seem to remember at one point Asterion telling us that he likes to work out, or something along those lines, so this could be something that he appreciates.

Or, for an older theme, we could maybe summon one of those wristwatches with radioactive faces that glow in the dark, which were issued to soldiers in WWI. Asterion's older french master (I'm really sorry, I suck at remembering names) who served in the war could have brought one back to the hotel with him.

Or perhaps it could be a classy dinner jacket from the early 1900s. I don't remember if this is already in the VIP room, but I don't think that it is. He would probably appreciate it, and would like it even more it Kota is in charge of the lounge.

I have not yet sent Asterion out into the valley. He asked me not to, and expressly mentioned torture. Like, I'm into BDSM, but still, doing that to him would be horrible!!! He's clearly scared sh!tless of the place! Also I never trusted the snake; I could tell immediately that he was a sneaky b@stard who thrived on loopholes. Trumping him at his own game felt amazing!

Mostly, I just want to give Asterion hugs and snuggles and tell him that everything is gonna be OK. I guess more specifically, what I'd like to tell him is something along the lines of:
"I know you don't fully trust me yet. I respect why you don't; people like me in the past have gone bad as time went by. I'll reflect on that, and try not to be like them. I can't cross my heart and hope to die that I won't turn out like them, because I can't know the future; and I recognize that I cannot simply command you to feel happy and free, because emotions don't work like that. But I can promise that I'll try to do right by you. That for now, you're free to speak your mind, and do as you please. All I'm asking for is for you to keep an open mind about me until we get to know each other better. And then you can decide for yourself what I am and what you think about me."

Also I'd like to improve his room, make it more comfortable and luxurious for him. That's another thing I'd like to do.

Oh, and also, just a general request, could you put instructions for how to download and play above the download options? Some people (like me; I'm a spoiled new-age fellow who uses Steam, which does everything for me) aren't good with stuff like that, and it took me some doing to figure out how.

(Also, would I be correct in assuming that all that customization stuff (or, at least, most of it) in the VIP room is stuff that will be available to customize Asterion with in later releases of the game?)


Is that shirt with the code on it a shirt you can get in the game or is that just floating text that happens to be over his shirt. Not gonna lie I want a shirt like that now.


It's in-game, yes! You can get it by picking the Tech background while talking with the old man after the game starts. When you meet Asterion tell him to wear something more modern and he'll get that shirt.

Which modern shirt you get depends on the background you picked, there are six in total.


oh neat I think I'll stick with my art background though. It's still neat that it's in the game though.


1) A wristband or an armband with an engraving that says "bad and good times are not bound to last forever" (I don't know if that would fit on a wristband though, I tried to translate it to French, but it's even longer). It means that: if you're currently experiencing a bad time, there's always a good time ahead somewhere, but if you're also experiencing good times you shouldn't grow too complacent as to not be ready to face potential bad times ahead. Or perhaps just "there are always good times ahead" which in French is "il y a toujours de  bons moments à venir", considering how easily the first one can be misinterpreted (even unknowingly).

2) I did answer the tweet, but I'm prone to forgetting the details, so I'm gonna put it here all together.
I sent Asterion to the valley the first time around because many things fell into place in my mind. The first one being, that I tried to pick the right choice on the first try. The second one being, that I have experience with people (mainly myself) having unfounded fears (my fear of x-rays which I no longer have, my fear of getting electrocuted in the shower, because I saw it on an episode of Inspector Rex, which I no longer have, my fear of throwing up, my fear of getting yelled at when I did nothing wrong, ...). The third being that I naïvely thought that Argos wouldn't do anything to Asterion, because he said that he'd not lay a finger on him. The fourth one being that I thought that perhaps sending Asterion is the only way to get the mirror, because I have experience from other games with this and I wasn't presented with the choice of negotiating from the get go (it's just the two choices of sending or not sending Asterion). But I see now that all of those were bad judgments on my part and I regret it.
Also Asterion didn't say ALL the reasons he fears the valley before meeting Argos and that Asterion said that Argos is his torturer might have slipped my mind.
And lastly, this might not be totally everything. My mind is sometimes prone to following even the slightest connections (and sometimes missing the big ones) and I'm prone to forgetting a lot, especially with time.

3) In the timeline where I sent him to the valley I'd like to say to him everything I said in (2), assure him that my heart is in the right place and that I just sometimes make bad calls, and if there's a way for me to repent (within reason of course).
In the timeline where I didn't send him to the valley I'd like to teach him tech stuff and science, perhaps also teach him some Czech, and also tell him that I will never punish him for his own thoughts or beliefs. If it's something professional I will always first just have a word with him and reprimand him for minor stuff and will only use proactive punishments (e.g. if he will constantly forget to do something I'll tell him to do that task in his free time - within reason, i.e. if it takes too long I'll spare him some free time). Though that goes for anyone who might ever be employed bellow me. And that I'll never intentionally hurt him unless he really REALLY has it coming (though I doubt it would ever come to that) or he agrees to it (though I'd rather not propose corporal punishment for him considering his history). Or if he just asks and I deem it reasonable (both what he asks me to do to him and why), but even then I won't agree to anything that could result in bodily harm. And all that goes for anyone.
To elaborate I might agree to corporally punish someone if they ask me to if I deem the reason reasonable, but I will never cut them, punch them or whip them till bruised or bloody, no matter how much they will plead me to.
And also I'd like to ask him to stop me calling master and just call me by my name (or rather the name of my persona which I'm using in most games), though I'd be OK with him calling me master as part of formal speech when working, but I'd rather he call me boss instead of master. (I do a have kink or two, but I'm not into the role-play, master, slave, daddy thing.)

And finally, feel free to ask questions or provide constructive criticism.


2. I suppose... it was a combination of both wanting to see everything and sadism. When I love a game a lot, I prefer seeing everything it has to offer to me, so I keep 2 seperate saves for two playthroughs right now, I also appreciate the choice of being able to send him there; to actually be not nice. So while the underlying reason for choosing to send him was to see, what happens, I can't deny that I didn't enjoy that feeling of power, which will probably bite me in the ass later, but that's then and this' now.

3. In a future, that's not so dim, all I would like to do is either give him the best 70 or so years that he's ever had or search for a way to make him mortal, so he need not suffer the hands of any other abusive masters that may come.

(1 edit) (+2)

1. Maybe a classy/formal looking uniform to wear (when working) , some underwear and perhaps some comfortable everyday clothes for him to wear when he's off-work? 

2. I never send Asterion out. Never.  Poor loveable moo doesn't deserve that. Perhaps a third way could be found to permanently get the mirror without torturing Asterion and possibly keep Argos on a short and tight leash.

3. Reassure Asterion that we don't intend to hurt him,  perhaps the beginning of a friendship could start here or the beginning of romance/falling in love. Also have him teach us about the business in thorough detail (considering we don't know anything about it) so we're more prepared for the hotel and not just being an spectator/bystander but actually being useful too, to alleviate Asterion's and Kota's workload. 

(1 edit) (+1)

1. An armband or perhaps a ring with a Minotaur crest/insignia or some other symbol which Asterion would cherish.

2. I personally sent Asterion out to the valley because I felt like I had to in order to get the full story. I hated doing it because I knew it would hurt Asterion, but I was doing one save where I was perfectly nice to Asterion, one where I did what I would do normally with Asterion, and one where I did every negative thing I could do to Asterion so that I could get everything the game had to offer.

3. I would love it if you could tell Asterion advice related to your attribute, and as the story progressed Asterion would begin to be more proficent in your attribute's feild. For instance,  if you chose the Art attribute, perhaps he could have more dialogue sprinkled in about about certain paintings in the hotel, and seem more pasionate about other artistic fields. Or if you chose Leader, then Asterion could have instances where he was especially charismatic to yourself or guests. I think it would be best if these were more subtle and scattered throughout - they would be like icing on the cake. 

There's already dialogue that's attribute specific about your character throughout the game, but by slowly extending the attribute specific dialogue to include Asterion's actions as well I think it would help to further cement that you were having a direct impact on Asterion.


1. Skull Necklace, Heavy Chain Collar, Contacts, Devil Horns, Fangs

2. Definitely Sadism. Though I would have preferred to point out the loophole he made, and still had the option to send Aster out and have essentially the same scene, to build trust with Argos.

3. I would really enjoy an option to tell Asterion that I am Sadistic, but still kind and prefer to have a tight leash on him AND Argos. Keeping his pain within reason, preferably consensual. Maybe even in a romantic measure. Though I'll admit as a player I do care slightly more about making Argos happy than Asterion. But that's not to say I don't like him in the slightest!


Oh! I would adore more rings/jewelry to put on his horns! On top of being able to change them out for different styles AND having multiple rings on at once.


1. I like the other suggestions, honestly. Maybe a jacket or coat?

2. I thought about it, thinking Asterion was exaggerating or that I could mediate between him and Argos, but decided not to go with it

3. Stop calling me master, call me boy


1: At first I was thinking something for his own room, like a chest to contain his valuables (and giving him the only key to it), or a type of scrapbook to house all the pictures of the eventual guests that would come by now (since he has gone on to mention many different guests in the past and he seems to enjoy reminiscing).

But since it seems like you are looking for clothing options specifically...maybe a sort of tool belt to help with his work around the hotel? Or a type of satchel which can hold X amount of items as he travels the hotel? I guess a goofy/cute option would be a type of plush toy or teddy bear to hang at his waist (though I don't think they were around back then). Only other thing I can think of is a small instrument like a Harmonica to hang around his neck or something.

3: I guess I would tell him, "Take it one day at a time", or something like that. Even if it's an option that does absolutely nothing and he doesn't really believe it (might even be a little inappropriate considering how long he was stuck in that room for), it'd still be nice reminding him of that every so often.

As for what I'd like to do for him? Brush his fur of course! Or like, have him teach me how to handle brushing or washing fur since I can imagine quite a lot of guests coming in would have it. And seeing how the Player is a total noob regarding the Supernatural, who better to teach?

2. I would never send him out there (and never have), but if I had to come up with another reason as to why people would? Players may intend to sent him out there, and then sort of repay it later by doing/agreeing to something that the Player might not want to do. Sort of like a comprise of "do this for me and I will pay it back later". Have no idea if other people thought so, but it's one that came to mind as I was typing the other stuff, so I thought I'd include it here.

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